Intern Abroad with FSU

Almost everyone at some point in time will hear about all the opportunities the FSU study abroad program offers. At the activity fair, market Wednesday and usually in a freshman class, the study abroad coordinators will sell you on the idea of how great it can be to spend a semester abroad. It is, but while they rave about the small class sizes and exploratory nature of the program, they usually gloss over one of their best opportunities.

International programs at FSU offers internships abroad! You might be thinking, "why would I care about working in another country?" but it is an unmatchable asset. Writing on your resume that you’ve studied abroad looks great, but writing on your resume that you’ve interned abroad looks even better.

Florida State University International Programs has been sending students abroad for over 50 years. FSU ranks within the top study abroad programs in the nation consistently. Many of the programs are also open to both Florida State students and non-Florida State students.

Some of the locations where internships are offered through FSU are London, Beijing, Shanghai, Florence, Panama City and Valencia. The internship opportunities are practically endless. Ranging from placements in Parliament, to museum studies and even hospitality.

It’s very hard to gain a competitive edge in the marketplace as a recent college grad, so make the most of your resources here. The experience gained from these work placements in an international setting gives you a leg up in today’s global society.  Students talk about an unparalleled growth, excitement and enjoyment from the experience.

Courtesy: FSU

Some good resources if you’re interested in the program are:

The International Programs Website

This is the most important site to find out all the different internship opportunities. It goes in depth to what kind of internships are offered at each location. This website also has all of the information about program fees, dates, scholarship information, and what steps it takes to apply. The International Programs staff is more than willing to help you on every step of the way.

No(le) Reservations Study Abroad Blog

This site is a blog from students who have traveled abroad. It can help you gauge what programs you’d like to apply for and which ones you wouldn’t. One of the best things to do when deciding an internship or path to go on is to hear what other people have to say. Sometimes it’s hard believing the program coordinators or faculty because their role in study abroad is so much different than yours.

If you are interested in interning abroad, look out for the booklet around campus. You can find it at the union, in most of the central spots on campus and if you have already decided that an internship would be a good match for you, head to the fifth floor of University Center A and ask about the application process.