I Tried Pole Dancing

Yup, you read the title right- I tried pole dancing. As you can very much expect, I was not as eloquent as one might hope for the art of pole. I guess I should explain. Queen of Hearts, our local pole-dancing gym was having an open house, so they were offering free 45-minute lessons. Naturally, my roommates and I figured why not. After all, I am double majoring in English and Studio Art, it could be a useful skill one day... that is if I want quarters chucked at me and people screaming "get off the floor."

We started simple, a little light wrist work to get the blood flowing. I looked back and smiled at my roommate who was making a face at me. We had barely started and my heart was already running a marathon; what can I say? Pole dancing can be intimidating. With stretches down, it was time for the big leagues- the fireman spin. This was it, the moment I made everyone realize they had miscast J-Lo as the star of Hustlers. Hands placed up high on the pole, and a slow walk. Left foot, right foot, left foot, and spin...or in my case flop. I wish I could say that at least my butt cascaded to a gentle landing, ending with a perfectly struck pose. Maybe even an added wink for good measure. Butt (pun intended) instead I flew down faster than the hammer on one of those carnival Test Your Strength games, with only my cryptid smile to win the audience. 

After everyone had mastered the fireman swing, (i.e. I had managed to climb up the pole to a standing position with my dignity splattered across the wood floor) we learned a more complicated backward spin. It was like one of those classic 80s movies when the underdog finally poles, (sorry I couldn't help myself) through and the crowd cheers. J-Lo had finally met her match...and it sure as h*ll wasn't me. By now, my roommate had gotten the hang of it, her semester of ballet proving itself worthwhile. The class passed in three more spins, a dip, and several more falls. My roommate tried to show me some tricks, but I was a lost cause. Don't worry, I'm not the type to give up, although I probably should have. By the end of it, I had gotten over my fear of the pole, my chaffing was only minimal and my roommates and I agreed to take more classes. Hey, just because you're not the best, doesn't mean you should give up, especially when it's as fun as spinning around a metal pole. 

Courtesy: Taylor Moreno

*not pictured- me falling on my *ss

Some Tips for the Pole:

Wipe It Down

You sweat. The poles will get grimy, so make sure to take advantage of the rags they have and wipe down your pole. Not only will it help you have a better grip, but it’s also cleaner that way.

Don’t Be Afraid of the Pole

One of the hardest parts is trusting yourself. In the beginning, I found it hard to keep the momentum because I was afraid to just let go. You’re stronger than you think, so trust yourself.

What to Wear

On their website it says to wear shorts. While I think this is probably necessary in the advanced classes, for beginners, you don’t need to wear shorts. Wear whatever you feel most confident in, after all that’s what pole dancing is about.

Whether it’s pole dancing, or any other activity, I hope you find something that makes you radiate confidence and gives you something to smile at. Thanks Queen of Hearts for an amazing time!

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