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Here are four ways I motivate myself to study for finals. 

joining an online study group

Joining a study group chat is one of the ways I motivated myself to study! I joined a study server in Discord, called “Lia’s Study Buddies,” created by @liaslens on TikTok! I came across one of her daily “Study With Me” live stream videos on TikTok one day and joined her Discord server, which has over 3,000 members. The server has several channels dedicated to different things, like a general group chat, a chat dedicated to helping with classes or questions with assignments, one for talking about books, one for mental health, another for movies, etc. There are also study rooms which you can join to study with others as some relaxing music plays in the background! You can write your goals in the study room chats and check them when you’re done and update others on your progress as well. Personally, this helped me meet many new people and an awesome community that motivates each other to study while also socializing. Everyone has been so nice and there are always people that answer your questions, especially when you meet people taking similar classes to you.

You can really join any study group chat online from several different platforms. Even just talking about your assignments and what you need to get done can help you motivate each other, as well as remember that there are so many others that are in the same situation. 

TikTok live streams

Watching “Study With Me” live streams on TikTok as I am studying has probably become the most motivating thing for me. I followed a bunch of users that livestream study sessions and joining and watching them study has been so helpful and motivating for me to initiate studying. Sometimes studying is hard to initiate when you’re not studying with someone else or if there’s no one to motivate or push you to study. So, when you have to study by yourself and you’re avoiding it, joining one of those “Study With Me” live streams and having an online study buddy is something I highly recommend. Some accounts I follow that Livestream study sessions on TikTok are @liaslens, @ymoug, @cropd and @medical_kat. All of these users usually have a timer for which they study and then take a break once in a while, (such as 30 minutes of studying and then five minutes of break) so it’s really helpful to follow that routine!

Organizing a space to study

Another way I’ve found it easier to study is by creating a nice, clean and organized space for studying. I started to clean and organize my desk before sitting down to study. It helps a lot when the space you’re studying is not messy since a messy desk will make it harder to focus on your studying as well as finding things, like books, papers, etc. 

Even if it’s just wiping your desk and stacking some books on top of each other to create an emptier space to put your studying materials in, it will still be very impactful and make it much easier to study!

romanticizing studying

Romanticizing studying involves altering your studying method to make it seem better than it actually is. We all know studying is not fun and it’s easy to lose motivation. But how you view studying is entirely up to you and if you want to make it something you like, romanticizing studying is where it’s at! 

To romanticize studying, you should figure out what aesthetic you enjoy. If it is classical music, a scented candle and a cozy environment as you work inside, then do that! If it is working outside or the library with some background noise, a warm cup of coffee and listening to music with headphones, then feel free to do that. Implementing factors you enjoy to create that nice and motivating environment will make studying much better and turn it into something you enjoy. 

I personally really enjoy going to the library and grabbing a drink from Starbucks and settling in at a table to study for a couple of hours while listening to some lo-fi music with my headphones. It’s really motivating for me since there are other people studying as well and I’m much more productive when I do that instead of lazily studying in my bed. I’ve started to view studying as a nice part of my daily routine because of how I started to involve aspects I like in it.

I hope some of these help you gain some motivation for studying, especially with finals approaching! 

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Hi! I'm Deniz. I'm an international student from Turkey, and a freshman at FSU, majoring in interior design :) I love creating and sharing things, so I really enjoy design, music, art, and writing.
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