How to Get Through Halloween Week and Still Pass Your Classes

As FSU students, we’re used to being exposed to the party scene, but normally we can easily manage it. As for Halloween week, it’s one of the main times of the year that it’s really hard to say “no”. The good news is, you can go out just about as much as you want to during Halloween week if you’re smart about it. Here are some tips to help you manage it all!

Keeping Up With Classes

1. Plan, plan, plan. Taking advantage of the weekend before Halloween is key to getting ahead. One of the best things you can do for yourself for Halloween week is to prepare for it. If you don’t already have an agenda, now’s the time to start. Check the syllabi for all of your classes and jot down everything that’s going to be due that week

2. Get homework done. Do projects that are going to take the most time or that’s due when you know you’ll be the busiest, or at least get a head start. Don’t bet on being able to wake up early to do any sort of work the morning after a Halloween party. It’s just not going to work my friend.

3. Set your alarms ahead of time.  You can set them ahead of time and edit them to go off only on the specific days you want. You can also set alarms before you head out to a party (definitely recommend doing so before you start drinking) or you can just go ahead and get it out of the way now.

Hangover Cures  

1. Hydrate. Not just post-party, but pre-party and even during, hydration is key. Here are some of the best hangover drinks that you should keep handy for a rough morning.

  • Water. This one’s pretty obvious, and it’s the most important one too. Hangovers are heavily due to your body telling you to drink water, as alcohol causes a lot of dehydration. Water is the best way to flush out all of those toxins. Along with drinking as much as humanly possible the day after a night out, chugging water before going to bed after drinking can help lessen the chance of a bad hangover.
  • Coffee. While the caffeine may worsen headaches, if you balance drinking it with a decent amount of water, coffee is a good pick-me-up to give you the energy you need for the day (especially if you’re already addicted to it.)
  • Pedialyte or Gatorade. Any drink with electrolytes will save your life. Electrolytes are key to replacing essential body salts lost from drinking. Gatorade is a well-known staple, but Pedialyte is an arguably better drink on the rise. It doesn’t taste as great (it’s made for kids) but it has a higher concentration of electrolytes and less sugar (something that adds to headaches). Whichever drink you choose, either is good for hangover cures or mixers.


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2. Don’t skip eating. When you’re tired and most likely in a rush to get to class after oversleeping, it’s easy to want to skip breakfast, but doing so hungover is the worst time to. Drinking decreases your blood glucose levels, so your body more than ever needs calories and essential nutrients. The Greatist’s website lists the best and worst foods and drinks for hangovers and will save your life.

3. Nap whenever you can, wherever you can. Even if you were somehow able to get a full night’s sleep, your body needs as much rest as it can get. Naps are a great idea, especially if you need the energy for going out again.


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4. Sweat it out. Any form of exercise or activity is a great idea, even if it’s just going for a light jog. Even easier, you could literally just go into the Leach center and sit in the steam room or sauna. Whatever way you can figure out to sweat out those toxins.


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Class Tips

1. Advil is your best friend, but don’t overdo it!! After hydrating and eating, if you still have a headache and don’t have time to nap before class, pop in an Advil or two to save the day. Better yet, keep some in your backpack at all times for emergency situations when you won’t remember to bring some to school.

2. Shower. Aside from the fact that you probably look and feel disgusting, showering when you wake up with a hangover is a, might I say, existential experience. Hot water, opened pores, time to think and reflect about what the heck you did last night. Cleanliness and a brief feeling of purity.


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3. Get your shades on. Your eyes will be sensitive to light, and we’re in the Sunshine state. The sun will not go easy on you, especially today. Highly recommend keeping sunglasses handy.

4. Dress comfortably. Throw on a soft t-shirt, sweatpants, PJs, whatever fits your fancy (pretty much anything but jeans). It will be the only thing about your day that’s comfortable so take advantage of it.

Best of luck to you, and Happy Talloween.