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How Frankie Lowicz Stays Involved During COVID-19

Major: Psychology

Grade: Junior

Hometown: Sarasota, Florida

Her Campus (HC): What organizations on campus are you involved in?

Frankie Lowicz (FL): I am in Lady Spirithunters. I joined my freshman year and now I am on the 2021 executive board as Secretary. I have also participated in Dance Marathon for the past two years and last year I was a membership captain.  

HC: What made you join these organizations?

FL: I joined Lady Spirithunters because I wanted to meet new people and be part of an organization that made me feel empowered and was full of genuine people. I chose to get involved with Dance Marathon because I had two friends who were diagnosed with pediatric cancer in elementary school. When I found out what Dance Marathon was all about, their message and what they stood for resonated with me. It was also a fun and interesting way to raise money for a good cause.  

HC: As secretary of Lady Spirithunters, what are some of your duties?

FL: I am responsible for overseeing membership status, in charge of tracking points for all members, in charge of calendars and in charge of Buddy Bags, which are little gifts for the varsity teams here at FSU. Recently, due to the lack of a role on the executive board, I have also been given the responsibility of managing Dance Marathon within Lady Spirit Hunters (LSH). I will get to work with our delegates on fundraisers, events and the marathon itself. 

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HC: How has COVID affected the way these organizations operate?

FL: Recruitment, which is going on this month, is usually in-person, but due to the pandemic, all recruitment events have had to go virtual. There have been a lot more regulations put in place to ensure that new and returning members can stay safe. Due to everything going virtual, hosting events like recruitment has been more difficult. Having that connection of feeling like you are a part of something has gotten a little lost now that everything is online, and everyone feels so separated.  

HC: How have you coped with the changes?

FL: We aren’t that far into the semester, so it hasn’t been too much of a challenge, yet. I am glad though, that we have the time to take the extra steps needed and put those plans in place that are necessary rather than scrambling like last year. It has been difficult, but we have been able to cope with the changes well for the most part.

HC: What are some of the benefits of being involved in these organizations during the pandemic?

FL: I think joining organizations like these would help to meet new people so that when we can meet up in person again, you’ll know people already. I know it is really hard to get involved and participate in things with everything going on right now, but organizations like LSH are trying very hard to overcome the barrier that people might have regarding joining a new organization. 

HC: Would you recommend joining these groups to others?

FL: Yes! I would highly recommend joining, especially LSH because it is a great group of people. You also get to be a part of a lot of other events on campus and it provides lots of opportunities to meet new people and network! We are actually recruiting right now! Applications are open now on the website. There is an informational interest meeting on Monday, Jan. 25 at 6:00 pm for potential new members. There is also a virtual mixer on Jan. 28 at 7:30 pm for potential members to meet returning members. We have interviews next weekend for anyone who fills out an application and those sign-ups are available after you apply. They can be found on the Lady Spirithunters website here!

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Rachel Gaul is a senior at Florida State. She is studying English Literature, Culture, and Media with a minor in Film Studies. She plans on entering into law after graduation. Rachel enjoys binge-watching, music, and thrifting.
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