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How to Eat Health(ier) in Your Dorm Kitchen

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FSU chapter.

Healthy eating in college is tough, we all know the daily struggle: we start strong in the morning with a healthy breakfast, lunch is a little harder but we endure and choose a salad; as the day goes on we get cranky and once we get back to our rooms we give up. Healthy habits are quickly forgotten as we eat the entire bag of Goldfish and start munching on the Oreos we bought in a ‘treat yo self’ moment. Just because we’re in college doesn’t mean we have to forgo a healthy, balanced diet. Making healthier choices at home can help us in the long run (plus we can now justify grabbing pizza at midnight and not feel guilty about it).

Ramen is a college staple for a reason: it’s cheap, it’s quick and it’s easy – but it’s also filled with a ton of sodium! One easy way to transform ramen from a quick microwave dish into a healthier entrée is to ditch the seasoning packet. First, boil the ramen like normal pasta by either trekking down the hall to the communal kitchen or in the microwave. Boiling it with a bit of cayenne pepper or soy sauce adds the flavor that you would normally get from the seasoning packet and substitutes for real taste. The fun – and healthy – twist comes from what you add to it. Ramen is so basic that you can add nearly anything that you like to eat. Toss in whatever veggies you enjoy along with any meats you choose. Eggs are a cheap and healthy protein that is so easy to add to ramen! Scramble it, poach it, any way you like them will mix well with ramen. Now you’ve got an entire healthy meal that is balanced and delicious!

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Burrito bowls may sound fancy and are a staple in the ongoing war of Moe’s vs Chipotle, but they’re honestly so simple to make that you’ll feel silly for not trying earlier. Instead of buying frozen Tex-Mex meals that are loaded with sodium and sugar, try your own healthy DIY version. The essential ingredient in a burrito bowl is the rice! Easy to cook if you buy the boxed version and you can choose between a variety of flavors (if you’re really feeling healthy, go for brown rice). Next up add lettuce, black beans, and corn for traditional burrito bowl ingredients, but you can add any vegetables you like. Peppers, cheese and tomatoes are all great toppings too. Fond of broccoli even though it’s not usually found in burrito bowls? Add it in anyways! Your burrito bowl means you get to put in whatever you want. Next up add any condiments you want: sour cream, salsa and chipotle ranch are always popular choices and easy to find in grocery stores.

Homemade soup is one of the easiest recipes to make and it can last for days. If you’re like I was and you’re thinking that you’re not much of a soup person, you just wait. You can put just about any vegetable or meat in soup. Place whichever stock or broth of your choice in the pot and load up on veggies. Add in already cooked noodles or rice of your choice and let heat up. Bouillon cubes also add in extra flavor if you’re feeling truly fancy.

All these recipes are simple to make and they’re easy to personalize to your own tastes! Not only do they taste better than any frozen or prepackaged meals but they’re definitely healthier. If you make enough, these meals will last you for days and you’ll be eating good for a while.

Elizabeth Dorwart is Editor-in-Chief of Her Campus FSU. When she's not reading, writing, or editing articles, she enjoys trying new recipes from Pinterest or playing with her cats. Feel free to ask her any Taylor Swift trivia because she probably knows the answer.
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