Here's Everything You Missed in Pop Culture News Last Week

Wow! It’s just the beginning of 2018 and big things are already happening. From USA Gymnastics coming under fire to Ashley Graham making Revlon moves, here are the top things you might’ve missed in the news last week.

1. USA Gymnastics Continues Its Downfall

This past week saw the end of Larry Nassar’s grueling and emotionally charged trial. Over 100+ women gave their testimony about his awful behavior and he was sentenced to 40-75 years in prison. The judge agreed that this monster deserved to live the rest of his life behind bars and victims can finally have the closure they’ve been waiting so long for. At the same time, USA Gymnastics had three board members resign over the controversy surrounding their part in the scandal. This case, possibly one of the worst in sports history, also led AT&T to cut ties until they are sure that the environment is one where athletes are protected and safe. Finally, MSU President, Lou Anna Simon, resigned amid rumors that she knew about Nassar’s behavior as he was an MSU doctor and had even treated MSU athletes that came forward.

 Courtesy: TMZ

2. Meryl Streep to Join “Big Little Lies” Cast

The new fan favorite show is adding a big name to its cast roster. Actress, Meryl Streep, is set to join Nicole Kidman, Reese Witherspoon, and Alexander Skarsgård in season two on HBO. Fans were ecstatic to hear the news and this only makes us even more excited to watch the new season! Streep will play the mother of Skarsgård’s character and we’re sure her performance will only add to the strong women already on the show.

 Courtesy: Dark Horizons

3. Ashley Graham Snags Revlon Beauty Deal

With changes to the fashion industry happening, it was only a matter of time before the beauty industry followed suit. Revlon Inc. just signed plus-size model, Ashley Graham, as one of their latest ambassadors. She will be the first plus-size model of her generation to sign and seal a beauty contract. Graham will be a part of the company’s “Live Boldly” campaign. The brand will see the campaign live in retailers over the next eighteen months. Congrats, Ashley!

 Courtesy: The Hollywood Gossip

4. Demi Lovato is Bringing Mental Health Awareness to Tour

Demi Lovato is a star that has been pretty open about her personal life, especially in areas related to mental health. The singer recently announced that she plans to bring CAST, a foundation that looks to de-stigmatize mental illness and promote wellness, on tour. The group previously joined Lovato on her tour with Nick Jonas, and she’s excited to bring them out with her again. We love that she wants to help her fans raise awareness about mental illness and is providing free counseling services before the show. While it might not be ideal for everyone, we’re sure some people will be thankful for the option.

 Courtesy: Daily Mail

5. Laverne Cox Makes Magazine History

2018 is already filled with firsts, including Laverne Cox becoming Cosmopolitan’s first transgender cover girl! This is such exciting news and we’re so happy that magazines are becoming more inclusive and that Cosmo was willing to take this first step. The Orange is the New Black star will be appearing on the cover of South Africa’s February issue, which will focus on LGBTQI+ issues and finding love. We couldn’t be more excited for Cox and know this is only the beginning of the road for the transgender community.

 Courtesy: The Gay Almanac