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Healthy (and Fun) Ways to Spice Up Your Meals

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FSU chapter.

Ever wish you could eat something healthy that was also so mouthwatering that it seemed too good to be true? Having your own way of spicing it up in the kitchen will make you feel like you have your own little secret behind those kitchen doors. There are two types of people whether you learned how to eat healthy before or are just discovering how to now. For both people, if you’re reading this then you’re on the right track to eating great and feeling energized. Eating right doesn’t have to be the boring old stigma of raw juices and cabbage, we can continue to have a healthy routine while putting that new pizzazz in your old healthy eating standbys. Shifting your focus from the tedious calorie counting can create a healthy eating lifestyle that includes enjoying the good stuff in moderation.

When we create meals that are aesthetically pleasing, delicious and healthy, it’s like we have the world at our fingertips.  Starting off the morning with a healthy breakfast like some fruit, lean protein and healthy fat will not only boost your metabolism, stabilize your blood sugar, create more energy and control cravings, but it’s also a way of starting off your morning fresh and ready to go. Try something richer like spicing up your yogurt if that is your go to. Instead of fruit, cinnamon or honey, you can incorporate a ¼ cup of chopped cucumbers, a ¼ cup of tomatoes, a ½ teaspoon of olive oil and a pinch of red wine vinegar for that tangy taste we are all dying to have.  Speaking of that flavorful taste, we can always turn up the heat with some pieces like red pepper flakes or even cayenne pepper to give those eggs or even your meat that extra kick.

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Healthy food doesn’t always have to be tasteless food. We can add different ingredients in order to make our food a dish you won’t want to put your fork down for. Depending on what you like, you can spice up your dish with some fresh lemon, pomegranate champagne vinegar or even lime juice to spice up proteins like salmon or tilapia.  We can explore different cultures’ foods by switching up the produce we get seasonally. Each ingredient that is grown locally might be out of season so it can often leave us with less flavorful produce. Take advantage of spicing it up in the kitchen with new ingredients we can incorporate into our new recipes. Sometimes all we really need is some texture by adding that crunch we crave for. Almonds, sunflower seeds or even pumpkin seeds can be added to your salads, meal dishes and oatmeal making it a savory experience.

Let’s build back our enthusiasm towards keeping our mind and body alert. Once we start off the day with a healthy meal that tastes good, we feel confident and proud to start the day. Put on some music, take some time out of your day to put yourself first. You deserve that time to yourself to create a masterpiece with all sorts of yummy colors in your meal. Just by adding that simple touch of different spices can change the whole meal.  Trying new things is a great way to keep the mind active and the body revived.

At 21 years old, with a major in Editing, Writing, and Media. She is aspiring to become a columnist for magazines while empowering women with her writing. She loves working out and eating healthy. HC writer for The Florida State University. Follow her on instagram @ _sammyminns_
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