Founder of Social Nineteen, Emily Cline, is a Girl Boss!

Name:  Emily Cline

Year: Senior

Hometown: Daytona Beach, FL

Major: Editing, Writing & Media

Age: 21

Her Campus (HC): For those who don’t know about Social Nineteen, can you explain what it is exactly?

Emily Cline (EC): Social Nineteen is a company that I started this year on the 14th of January. I started it with the hopes of helping small and local businesses achieve their outreach goals through social media so they don’t have to spend crazy money on advertising. My job is to take that pressure off of them, so they can focus on their business instead of focusing so much on their outreach.

HC: What do you feel makes you different and special?

EC: I think what makes me different and special is the education I have received and the experience I have received. I started my own YouTube channel at 14 years old and at 14 I was sharing my own videos on social media trying to get people view my channel, which was very rare and bold of me being only 14. I have gained the skills I now have a business for at a fairly young age. Now, if there is a problem in your business I could help and give you 10 ways to market yourself. Also, just last fall I was given a job opportunity to work for Teen Vogue, but due to the hurricane I didn’t have any power and wasn’t able to respond in time.

HC: How did you start your business?

EC: I started my business at Starbucks. I thought to myself how great would it be to quit my current job as a nanny. I came up with my name Social Nineteen dealing with “Social Media”, and Nineteen having to do with the reoccurring number in family. My grandma was born 1919, my mom’s birthday is September 19, and mine is October 19. I created my website on WordPress. The next day, I had two people wanting me to be their marketing director. By the 21st of January I had my first signed and sealed client.

HC: What inspired you to start your business?

I didn’t want to work for anyone else, my family was going through and issues and I just wanted to be very independent, not wanting to depend on anyone.

HC: How have you impacted any of your clients?

I have helped some of my client’s business grow immensely. I have clients in construction, clients that have their own babysitting company, which I love working with young entrepreneurs like myself. I also have a client that has own her own eyelash company.

HC: What are your future plans for your business?

I would like to have some interns this summer 2017. I would like to get an office here in Tallahassee. I would like to travel to different cities in Florida and in Texas, to get some more clients on board. Hoping to employ some of my friends, being that I have some friends really good at social media. After graduation, I’ll take my talents to New York.

HC: What are your campus involvements?

I am a Sister of Alpha Gamma Delta and an Editor for College is My Life.

HC: How can clients contact you?

Anyone interested in being a client may contact me via Facebook, through my website or via email at [email protected].