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Flower Power Makes a Comeback

Flower print is the one design that never fades. It can be seen throughout fashion history in all types of styles—from hipster to preppy—and is easy to incorporate into any outfit. One of the most popular flower prints that I’ve been seeing lately is a daisy print on a black background. It’s been seen on numerous skirts and crop tops, as well as hats and other accessories.

Campus is the best place to find the growing popularity of flower prints, as there are girls everywhere rocking it, each in their own individual way. It has been used as a cute crop top partnered with high-wasted shorts and knee length socks, and of course as the always classic flower print dress.

Forever 21, with its huge flow of customers and well loved reputation, is the store that has been leading the way this spring with their flower prints, getting all college women ready for the new season. They have flower print-everything right now, and it is easy to see that spring fever is beginning to catch on to other fashion brands as well. So even if you think your style is too grungy or too cool for some flower power, don’t be afraid to try it out. You’ll never know what will happen when you add some flowers to your wardrobe!

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