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FSU Dining Spots as Taylor Swift Albums

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FSU chapter.

“1, 2, 3 LGB!” Today we’re going to be discussing what your favorite FSU dining choice is as a Taylor Swift album. Are you ready for it? Buckle up, Swifties!

TAYLOR SWIFT: Suwannee Dining Hall

This one is pretty obvious. Taylor Swift’s first album is a classic and iconic piece, just like Suwannee (and I don’t want to hear any Suwannee haters). As a Suwannee “Lover,” I can say that their pizza is always a 13 out of 10 (IYKYK). I can rely on a perfect, stocked salad bar, and their fries are *chef’s kiss*! Make sure to add some seasoned salt to the fries for an extra kick.

Plus, they have any and all dietary options available in their Homestyle, True Balance, Vegan, and Deli/Grill sections. I would also like to give a shoutout to the always-lovely staff who wish me a good day and happy eating. They make my day just a bit brighter. There’s no reason you “Should’ve Said No” to a Suwannee date with a friend, because it’s classic, just like Taylor Swift.

FEARLESS (Taylor’s Version): Chick-fil-A

All I can say is you’re Fearless if you walk into Chick-fil-A at lunchtime, and if you do, just “Breathe,” because you’ll be there for a while. Walking into Chick-fil-A is no small feat. Battling your way through the line and hoping to get your order in a timely manner is a real struggle. “Tell Me Why” my one little ice cream cone took 30 minutes to make — I just wanted a sweet treat before I had to hurry over to class! I hope “You’re Not Sorry” you went though, because it really is a great lunch.

Chick-fil-A will “Forever and Always” be a favorite at Florida State University — just like Taylor’s album Fearless is to Swifties.

SPEAK NOW (Taylor’s Version): Panera

“Drop everything now,” cause we’re talking about another fan favorite: Panera! Located in the Student Union, the always packed, delicious baguette-bearing Panera is home to one of my favorite meals. The You Pick Two deal is a popular option for lunch. I love a warm cup of broccoli cheddar soup and half Caesar salad with a baguette for dipping.

I labeled Panera as Speak Now because you really do have to “Speak Now” in order to get your order. Sometimes there is a lack of staff and an overflowing waiting area, so cups and orders are forgotten. However, the employees are always willing to help and offer a smile; they are never “Mean.” The food is super warm and yummy and there are typically no complaints from me. Panera really is a “Timeless” option if you’re looking for a great lunch!

RED (Taylor’s Version): The Sweet Shop

This one is obvious to me. If you’re a Red girlie, you like coffee shops, cool days, and mysterious strangers. Well, you never know who you will meet at The Sweet Shop! “On a Wednesday, in a cafe” could be your reality!

This could be you in The Sweet Shop. Order a latte and do some homework. To be even more Red-coded, you could bring a book and “Stay, Stay, Stay” all day. I know you know the vibe I’m talking about “All Too Well.” Enjoy your fall-girl coffee shop, and don’t forget your red scarf!

1989: Starbucks

This one just makes sense. Pastel colors, cute fashion, and coffee addictions are very 1989 in my opinion. We all know the typical “Starbucks Girl” look, and I applaud it. She looks comfy and cute in her own style, just like Taylor did in this era.

Never in your “Wildest Dreams” will you find a short Starbucks line at any of the locations on campus. It’s simply a classic, like Taylor’s “red lip classic” thing that we Swifties like. Strawberry Refreshers fly off their delicious shelves, leaving a “Blank Space” in my heart when I can’t order one.

1989 is just such a fun, upbeat album that does its job every time. So shake off those haters, cause they’re just going to “hate, hate, hate” and enjoy your yummy drink and perfect album.

REPUTATION: Panda Express

This is my personal favorite album and dining option! Panda Express always hits and never misses. That’s why it’s got a “big reputation” and a long line. It simply is the “King of My Heart” and I have to have it at least once a week.

Just like Taylor’s goosebump-prompting Reputation concert, I get excited just thinking about it. “Don’t Blame Me” for loving an entree of spicy-sweet orange chicken with a side of rice. It has its reputation for a reason — it’s “Endgame.” All I can say is, “Look What You Made Me Do,” Panda Express — spend all my dining dollars!

LOVER: 1851

This romantic and upbeat album can only be assigned to something new and fun, like 1851! When it opened in 2017, it gave students a new place to dine in a more underground, aesthetic style. There are a ton of options, such as the Tally Mac Shack and Joe Mama’s Pizza.

Why Lover? I’ve got the perfect explanation for this one: In Taylor Swift’s romantic “Lover” Music video, we see her in the comfort of her Lover House with her partner. I think Joe Mama’s red corner booths with dim lighting and mood-setting table toppers provide the perfect spot for a romantic yet casual date. You can even end the perfect date with some gelato, also found in 1851. Your date will want to marry you with “Paper Rings.”

One thing I’ve heard, however, is that it might be a “Cruel Summer” if you eat at the Mac Shack. You didn’t hear it from “Me!” but I’ve heard people love it — however, their stomachs don’t (so take that with a grain of salt). See you in the “Afterglow!”

FOLKLORE: dorm cooking!

Sometimes we need a break from the commotion and want to eat in our dorm. Just like the subtleness of Folklore, with its black and white cover and simple songs, there is something so enticing and perfect about it. You could even turn it into a night with friends, cooking leftovers before they expire. Who knows, maybe it will bring you “peace.”

EVERMORE: Seminole Café

If you’re a Swiftie, you know the joke that she forgets about Evermore. Well, let’s give both this album and Seminole Café some love! It’s underrated, but super yummy. It has great options and variety. Not to mention, it’s close to our Salley Survivors (you go, guys!). “Long story short,” you should give it a try.


“Dear Reader,” I know we all have our sleepless nights, just like Taylor did when she wrote Midnights! On a night out or when you can’t fall asleep, McDonald’s is always a go-to because it’s open 24/7. Go get yourself some hot, salty fries to dip in a milkshake and enjoy the rest of your night. Let’s just hope there’s no “Midnight Rain!”

Overall, all of the dining spots on campus are great and it can be hard to decide which to choose. So if you’re having a hard time picking where to have your next meal, follow your favorite Taylor album. You might just find the perfect spot.

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Hi! My name is Vega Scholpp and I'm a freshman at FSU! This is my second semester writing for Her Campus. I am a Media/Communication Studies Major, studying to be a Broadcast Journalist. In my free time I love to read, go to the beach, listen to Taylor Swift, play sports, and have game nights with my friends! Go Noles!