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Five Youtube Travel Channels You Need to Subscribe To

If you had the opportunity to drop all of your responsibilities right now and travel to any place in the world, would you take it? Where would you go? Personally, I dream of Italy. To roam the Boboli Gardens in Florence, to make a wish in the Trevi Fountain (and to have the same luck as Lizzie McGuire afterwards), and to see the coast light up at night. I’ve always possessed this innate desire to travel for as long as I can remember. Prepping for family vacations to some place new always sparked joy in my heart, and I was always looking forward to the next adventure. Maybe it’s just my Sagittarius nature that makes me want to be everywhere all at once. The world is too big and beautiful to not explore, with so much magic to experience. Unfortunately, while I’m still in school and have a limited schedule, very rarely do I get to travel as much as I would like to. Student life encompasses different priorities, and I have to stay focused on the tasks that take precedence now in order to achieve the dreams I want to accomplish in the future. In the meantime, I live out my travel dreams vicariously through these five Youtubers. Constantly on the move and exploring the world each through a unique lens (no pun intended), I love these Youtubers and their content.  

Yes Theory:

Courtesy: Yes Theory twitter

You may know them as the guys who challenged Will Smith to helibungee, which is how he celebrated his 50th birthday, but bungee jumping out of a helicopter over the Grand Canyon is only a small look into who they are. With their channel climbing to a whopping four million subscribers within the past five years, this group of men living in Venice, California pride themselves on cultivating community and finding unique ways to seek discomfort, as they view it as the optimal place for personal growth. Actively putting themselves in situations most people would look at as awkward or scary allows for the deconstruction of negative stigmas surrounding communication and hospitality with strangers. Many of their videos are travel based and often rely on the kindness and spontaneity of strangers to create these out-of-the-box experiences. Videos like “I Took My Pizza Delivery Guy Around the World,” and “Walking Across a Country Without a Map,” are all attributes to their boldness and courage. If daredevil travel adventures are your thing, then make sure to check out Yes Theory on YouTube. 

Elena Taber:

Courtesy: Elena Taber YouTube

If you’re in search of a dreamy, beachy, 70’s vibe travel channel, then look no further. From the beautiful San Diego, California and now a New York resident, Elena is a lifestyle and beauty YouTuber whose travel vlogs will make you want to start packing your bags and planning your next vacation. Her passion for learning about the local cultures in the countries she visits is always present in her videos, and she always emphasizes the need to be respectful and understanding of the environment around her. She’s also great about giving travel advice and authentic resources to help when it comes to travel, especially for people ballin’ on a budget. You can check out Elena’s channel for all things travel, lifestyle and beauty.  

Damon And Jo:

Courtesy: Damon and Jo YouTube

With over five languages under their belt each, this pair centers their channel around traveling all over the world. They’re constantly posting videos in English, French, Portuguese and occasionally Spanish, German and Italian. Their fun personalities make each video feel authentic and leave you wanting more. Check out their channel for comedy and a diversity in languages.

Tess Christine:

Courtesy: Tess Christine YouTube

Now I’m going to be extremely biased here, this channel is my favorite. Tess’ travel vlogs are always edited to perfection, capturing so much beauty and relaxation during her trips abroad. Coupled with her boyfriend (now husband) Patrick and best friends, Tess’ luxurious style vacations will leave your heart feeling emotionally pampered vicariously through her videos.

Vaga Brothers:

Courtesy: vagabrothers.com

If you’re less concerned about the luxuries of traveling and are more focused on a more local experience, this channel is for you. This set of brothers focus on backpacking and navigating the cheapest possible ways to see the world. They have an array of videos on their channel that talk about budgeting, travel seasons and how to navigate certain regions of the world. I’ve found their tips to be super informal, and I know that I will reference back to their channel next time I plan on going abroad. Make sure to check out their channel.  

Subscribing to these channels has kept me at bay while I’m still in school, but I can’t wait to explore and have experiences like theirs in my future.

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Katarina is a senior at Florida State University studying Creative Writing with a double minor in Education and Communications. You can find her at your local library reading a good book or writing for her blog https://katarinamartinez13.wixsite.com/kmartinezreads As an aspiring novelist and content writer, she is always looking to spread love and joy everywhere she goes.
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