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Five Nightly Routine Habits To Stay Organized

There’s no denying that a girl boss has a busy life. Every girl boss that I have ever met is always running from place to place, making plans happen, planning new things and trying to hang on while chugging back their favorite iced latte from Starbucks. From the morning to the night, I’m constantly running around, whether that be to somewhere on campus, to the gym or my favorite places around town. Sometimes I feel lucky if I can find time to breathe.

Something that I started while I was still in high school and added to when I moved to college was my very own version of a girl boss night routine. Having a night routine is something that I thrive on. It makes me feel so put together and gives me hope that tomorrow will be better than today was. Here are a few of my tips for how I close out a day on a good note and prepare to start for a new day on the right foot. 

1. Clean 

Cleaning is something that I have liked since I was young. I like to have all of my things in order before I go to bed. I’m not crazy, just a little particular about being organized. Every night I start by unpacking my backpack and putting my laptop on my desk. I play a little bit of music and get to either doing laundry and putting shoes away, throwing away cups and other trash that accumulated throughout the day and putting away anything else that is not where it is supposed to be. I find that when I lightly clean my space, I can be so much more productive the next day. There is nothing better than waking up to a clean workspace to get on my girl boss grind for the day that is ahead. 

2. To-do list 

I have become obsessed with having a to-do list. Not only do I feel extremely accomplished when I check things off of my list, but I am also able to remember things more when I can see them right in front of my face. I have my to-do list on the reminder app on my phone. This is such a blessing because it alerts me every morning of the things I need to do throughout the day. I also like it on my phone because I’m able to link my phone to my computer. That way, when I sit down to do homework, attend class or watch some Netflix, I can see what has been accomplished and what I still need to accomplish throughout the day. Every night when I sit down to do my to-do list, I open up my Canvas and my Google calendar and go hour by hour of how I want to plan out my day. I’ll start with the most important things on the top and get more and more relaxed throughout the day. By listing things in order, I’m able to wake up the next morning and know right where I left off the night before and where I have to start. 

3. Plan an outfit and pack a bag

Planning my outfit the night before is something I picked up on in early high school. To keep the mornings a little less stressful, I knock out my choice of outfit the night before so I have one less thing to worry about in the morning. Having this step in my night routine has made my morning so much quicker. This way, I just grab my clothes, head straight to the bathroom and get in my girl boss mentality to tackle the rest of the day. On top of that, I always, always, always pack my bag for the next day. This includes gum, keys, wallet, hand sanitizer, a mask and any other basic daily needs. That way in the morning all I have to do is put my laptop in my bag and head straight out the door. 

4. Charge devices

two phones lying flat and plugged in
Steve Johnson on Unsplash

This is something that I think everyone has in their nightly routine. Putting your phone on the charger is something that has become second nature, but I often forget to put my iPad, air pods and computer. I recently purchased an Amazon charger set. It’s something similar to what is pictured above. I have put this set on my desk and that way I can have it in the front of my mind before I go to bed. It charges my phone, air pods and apple watch all at once, and I recommend all my girl bosses purchase one of these charging devices. Waking up to all of my devices charging takes a little stress out of my day and keeps me more focused on the things in my day that matter. 

5. Self-care 

This is the most important part of my night routine and something that I save for last. I start by making myself coffee for the next morning and then heading to the bathroom. I will then light a candle and turn the shower on. After my shower, I go deep into my skin and hair care routines. After that, I put my pj’s on and pull back my covers and jump right in bed. This is my favorite part of my night routine because it helps me end the day on a stress-free note, ensuring that I will get a good night’s sleep and be ready to start the next day on a good note.

Everyone has different things that make them feel ready and prepared for their next day. I am not saying that I always have a perfect night and wonderful morning, but these are just a few things that help me start the next day the right way. It works for me to have these simple steps every night in order to make the most of my next mornings. I hope that these steps helped you and that you’re willing to try out some tonight! 

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Hello, My name is Holly and I am a freshman at Florida State University. I love all things fashion, music, coffee, fitness, health, and of course writing. I find that writing allows me to escape from all things happening around me. Writing is a way for me to connect with myself at the end of a busy day. It also allows me a way of getting all my feelings out and releases all the bad energy that I have gathered throughout the day.
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