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Five Beauty Products That Have Transformed My Physical and Mental Health

Let’s talk about mental health and wellness! This year has been ROUGH, to say the least; however, I’ve found that implementing a mindful skin and beauty routine has been a lifesaver when it comes to keeping my physical and mental health in check during these stressful times. With school, work or pandemic stress, these are the top five beauty products that have fully transformed my well-being!

1. Vitamin D

Adding this vitamin into my daily routine has changed my life. With an extra dosage of sunshine, vitamin D may become your best friend. First of all, this miracle vitamin works to protect the immune system, boost energy levels and has even been known to regulate mood and metabolism! Packed into a small capsule or gummy, a world of sunshine is waiting, as vitamin D is most commonly sourced from the sun. During the winter as we see less sun, this miracle supplement might be the extra dosage of sunshine you need to conquer your day!

Warning: As always when trying a new vitamin, make sure to consult a doctor and read up on side effects, especially when mixed with other medications.

2. Eucalyptus in the shower

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I once saw a friend hang a full eucalyptus plant in her shower and after hearing the incredible benefits of the plant, I had to give it a try. Now to say that this plant has taken my relaxation to another level is an understatement; hanging dried eucalyptus on my shower head has upgraded my average bathroom into a personal spa. Implementing relaxation methods into your daily routine is the key to a stress-free and mindful life, so here’s how this aromatherapy may change your life. Eucalyptus holds the power of cold and sinus relief, aids in headache relief and it’s also a known relaxation remedy for your most stressful days. Before you get de-stressing, roll your eucalyptus on both sides with a rolling pin to release the aromas in your shower and let the plant work its sorcery!

3. Organic coconut oil

Oh, the power that one organic oil holds! This oil has become an absolute staple in my beauty routine. The benefits and uses of coconut oil are seemingly endless, so here are a few that I have experienced. My hair is something that has been hard to tackle as it is long and very thick, but let me tell you, using coconut oil weekly as a hair mask has left my hair softer and silkier than ever. Packed with antioxidants and moisture, this oil can also be incorporated as an occasional face mask, which is amazing for self-care nights. My favorite way to use coconut oil is for shaving and as a body moisturizer. During your shave, include a scoop of coconut oil as your shaving cream and boom, instantly soft legs and goodbye razor burn!

4. The Gua Sha

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The Gua Sha tool has circulated the American beauty world more recently; however, this tool has been popular for centuries in the Chinese medical and beauty industry. If you’re like me and suffer from redness or acne scarring, this tool can single-handedly transform your skin. The benefits of this all-mighty facial stone include reduced inflammation and redness, decreased aging signs, facial tension and pain relief. If you’re looking to spice up your skincare routine, try using the Gau nightly before bed and watch your skin glow.

Tip: Keep your Gua in the refrigerator for a cooling and relaxing facial experience; you will thank me later!

5. Vitamin C Facial Serum

Welcome to the world of facial serums! I have to say, at first, I was skeptical of the popular serums that have circulated my social media, but if you want to dive into the world of skin-care serums, try this one! I have sensitive skin, which is easily irritated, and I am in love with this product (can you be in love with a serum?... I think yes). Vitamin C as a serum can renew and restore your face and treat acne scars—I mean, what more could you want? Pair this serum with your Gua Sha and you’re on your way to skincare heaven.

When we feel like the best versions of ourselves, we will become the best versions of ourselves, so give yourself a little extra love today, and be the best version of your boss self!

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Catherine Leavy is a Senior at Florida State University, studying Editing, Writing, and Media. For Catherine, writing is not only a passion but a form of creative expression. She plans to work in editing and publishing after graduating from Florida State.
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