Face to Face with WVFS 89.7 FM's PR Director Grace Boran

Being in the field of public relations as a student can be quite a show, especially with all the emails and planning for upcoming events, and not to mention juggling classes in between. In this scoop, we had the opportunity to steal a few minutes from Grace Boran and her hectic schedule to let you know what it’s like being a PR director for one of the four stations on campus. WVFS 89.7 is a station that is run by students like Grace and volunteers. The station is also known as its cool kid name V89 or “The Voice of Florida State.” Stay tuned!

Her Campus (HC): I’m so excited to be doing this interview, and I can’t wait to hear what you have in store for us. To begin, what’s your major and minor if any? 

Grace Boran (GB): Thank you. I’m a junior and majoring in retail entrepreneurship with a minor in communications. It used to be retail merchandising and product development, which I’m more interested in, but the school moved it into the school of entrepreneurship. 

HC: Are you a native of Tallahassee? 

GB: I’m from Jacksonville, FL. Well, I’m actually from a little town outside from Jacksonville called Fleming Island. I just tell people that I’m from Jacksonville since no one knows where Fleming Island is at. 

HC: What is your position at V89? 

GB: I’m the PR director, but I’m also a DJ for the specialty Punk show host. I also work in the music department, so I review music. 

HC: What are some of your daily responsibilities as a PR director? 

GB: My daily responsibilities are checking my emails. I run the social media account and we have a lot of people message us, so I respond to their questions. It’s also my job to post on social media and I normally make graphics or take pictures to post. I’m also in charge of the weekly meetings for Public relations, and this deals with scheduling it and run the meetings. 

HC: What is the station’s mission in the position you carry? 

GB: The station’s mission is to promote or diverse music in Tallahassee. It’s also about training people and students to know how to use programs and training them in PR, and training DJ’s in how to do on-air speaking. 

HC: Being a part of this station, what are some leadership skills that you have gained? 

GB: I gained responsibility and accountability because if anything that my volunteers do wrong or anything goes wrong it’s all on me. One time someone told me that one of the PR volunteers was on their phone during a show while tabling and it came back to me by one of the faculty. I’ve learned how to make schedules and to be more prompt for time. 

Courtesy: Grace Boran

HC: How do you plan on applying your experience at the station into your adult life or future workplace? 

GB: Through the station, I found out that I like communications, and I’m interested in fashion. So, what I want to do is PR for fashion in the future, or like a social media manager for one of my favorite fashion brands. 

HC: What makes you most excited when coming into work? 

GB: I’m excited about music and since I’m a DJ in the music department I like reviewing music, especially listening to new music bought at the station like local music. I also enjoy meeting new like-minded people that are passionate about music.

HC: What would you say that you are most passionate about? 

GB: Mostly music, and social media. I also like collaborating with people at the PR meeting and hearing their ideas. 

HC: Did you see yourself doing this as a kid? 

GB: If I saw myself doing this as a kid, I would have thought that I was so cool. I never thought I would work at a radio station, be a DJ, or even leading a group of people. I guess I never saw myself as a leader as a kid, but now that I am, I think it’s pretty cool. 


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