Everything You Need to Know About Harry Styles’ New Album: Fine Line

Ever since Simon Cowell created One Direction back in 2010, Harry Styles has had the world’s heart at the palm of his hands. Although the ruthless screaming fans have never left his side, his career has taken a massive turn from his boy band days. At just 24, Styles is on his second solo album (released December 13, 2019) and has taken over the music industry. The success of the album prior to its release was the simplest indication that listeners and fans were in for an experience like no other. Aside from the style by Gucci and the album art by fashion photographer Tim Walker, Harry Styles is reinventing the industry that is best reflected through his unique self.

The new album, Fine Line, is an emotional rollercoaster at its finest. Having an upbeat start with the song “Golden,” Styles was able to create the perfect mood of being in your feels but also wanting to jump around and dance like you’re at Coachella. Other songs later in the album such as “Sunflower, Vol. 6” (track 9) and “Canyon Moon” (track 10) definitely hint at the highs and lows of past relationships, referencing the subject as “golden” and a “sunflower,” but also giving the listener all the fun vibes that come with a Harry Styles song.

Tracks 2, 3 and 4 were all pre-released songs from the album. Starting with “Lights Up” (track 4), which came out two months before the album, this song is definitely not your traditional party song. With a stronger, more upbeat rhythm and video explicitly showing a party lifestyle, the song takes a deeper note asking questions like “do you know who you are?” This contrast in sound and lyrics, which Harry Styles is known for executing seamlessly, carries in the following singles. 

Courtesy: Harry Styles

As Harry Styles himself best describes it: “Kiwi” walked so “Watermelon Sugar” (track 2) could run. Not only did this next track run, but it soared. This song that helped set the tone for the album, was a fun and lively approach that is less about someone and more about something. As hinted in his Apple Music interview with Zane Lowe, this song is more about oral pleasures (aka drugs). Styles discussed that he just recently began experimenting with mushrooms in the safe space of his home in Malibu with friends. Taking only a day to write the song, but a whole year to finish, Styles definitely made sure it gave us that summer feeling.

Lastly with track 3, released just a week before the album, “Adore You” encapsulates the Harry Styles brand at its peak. Not only was the song released early, but so was an entire music video where he was able to create an entire island and story for this song. On a surface level, “Adore You” has a fairly clear message: he adores the person he is writing about. But after watching the video, Styles took the song to another world (figuratively and literally). The video takes place on the island of “Eroda” (adore spelled backward) and is what appears to be a satirical take on his life. 

Courtesy: Harry Styles

Similarly to “Watermelon Sugar,” the Apple Music interview with Zane Lowe gave us some insight on this next song. “Cherry” (track 5) is a clear letter to his ex. The rumored ex-girlfriend and French model, Camille Rowe, is said to be the subject of this song. Although Styles typically keeps his private life –well– private, in this song he is very transparent about their relationship and his feelings. Styles even went as far as ending the song with clips of an old voicemail from her in French. With Styles and Rowe’s ship name being Charry, I don’t think there was any holding back with this track.

The emotional, relationship-themed songs continue to take a softer and sappier tone with tracks 6, 7 and 8. “Falling” (track 6) is a post-breakup song about him falling for his ex again. He speaks honestly about his feelings in this song, reflecting on the relationship he had and where he is now. This is definitely a top contender if you’re looking for a good cry song. “To Be So Lonely” (track 7) is a more chill approach to his current state. Still reflecting on relationships passed, but this time in a way that is more of an acceptance perspective. With “She” (track 8), Styles is glamorizing this woman, similarly to songs “Only Angel” and “Woman” in his debut album, but with a much deeper tone and perspective because “she” only lives in his dreams. 

As the album comes to an end, with only two songs left, Styles takes an optimistic approach to his album and life. Styles reflects on his relationship(s) and chooses to move forward with songs “Treat People With Kindness” (track 11) and “Fine Line” (track 12). “Treat People With Kindness” is his clear comeback song. He is able to take back his life through his famous saying that has become the backbone of his brand, “treat people with kindness.” This simple message carries heavily throughout his life and was the perfect song to reclaim his happiness in an energetic way. “Fine Line,” the last song on the album and the title of the album, is a more serious approach to a similar message of him moving on. With the reoccurring line, “we’ll be a fine line, we’ll be alright,” Styles is setting a tone of how he reflects on his past relationship and how he’s moving forward.

Overall, the album is a journey very deep into Harry Styles’ life and heart. Each song leaves the listener feeling all the feels, whether happy or sad. The words leave us feeling golden, the sounds give us that watermelon sugar high, and the album crosses that fine line of artist to genius. All that’s left to say is Harry Styles, we adore you

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