Ending Up with You: A Poem on the Struggles of Love

I understand it, I really do

But what am I gonna do without you?

I thought I’d be the one to break it off

But then my heart just got all soft


You make me feel like I matter

But now I couldn’t be sadder

From the time we met

I didn’t know just yet

That I’d throw up that night

And you’d be my shining light

Embarrassed and feeling small

All my other friends away down the hall

Leaning over the trash can

Who knew I needed a man

To say, “you’re really pretty”

And make me feel all giddy


One year later and we are finally getting close

You’re now the one I want to hang out with the most

You added me to the group

And I finally felt in the loop

Yeah, in the past, we kissed once or twice

But getting to know you was even more nice


Now here comes obstacle number one

Going to Italy, I knew I’d have fun

But leaving you behind felt weird

It’s alright though, I was legally allowed to drink beer

Five weeks away changed my perspective

There now remains few things back home that give me a reason to live


The day comes and I’ve returned

With just three weeks to learn

All about my new best friends

With you ten minutes around the bend


Never did I think I’d feel the way I do

So attached to you


So comfortable and normal

I felt like I was in a portal

In a place where I finally felt like myself

My feelings were no longer just thrown on a shelf

That’s why when things got wet

In the ocean, pool, or in front of your tv set

I’d do anything with you

Sky shining with the moon or with the sun turning it so blue


You know I’ve been hurt

I’ve cried on your shirt

You know this was a big deal for me

You treated me so carefully


Now I’m leaving again

I can’t tell you if it’s really the end

I don’t want it to be

I wish you really loved me

But I get it

I just feel like shit

One day maybe though

Your feelings will grow

And we can both finally see snow


Until then, I’m here

Wallowing in my pile of tears

Because I know it’s too good to be true

Me ending up with you



Courtesy: Unsplash