Doja Cat Mooo!(ving) to the Top

Mooove over music world, Doja Cat is coming through. Having seemingly blown up overnight after her hit song “Mooo!” went viral in the summer of 2018, the singer’s fan base has been on the rise and, with an album on the way, she has gained even more attention in the past few months. What most don’t know is that the 23-year-old artist has been actively working on her music career for the past seven years. Her debut single, “So High,” was released at only 18-years-old along with visuals she produced herself. From Soundcloud to Real Street Fest, Doja Cat’s take over is just getting started.

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The California native was bound to be artistic. Her father is a South African actor, composer and film producer and her mother is a painter. Doja attended performing arts schools throughout her childhood and was enrolled in several extracurricular activities including surf camp, dance and skateboarding. At 14, she began editing and posting YouTube tutorials, but it was around 17 years old that she began singing and rapping over her homemade beats. Doja attributes much of her musical inspiration to the films she grew up watching, video games she played and artists she listened to such as Amy Winehouse, Lil Kim, Jamiroquai and more.

Much like herself, Doja’s music style has been described as fun, different and versatile. She takes pride in not taking her career too seriously, having released songs about the waffle versus pancake debate, gaming systems and farm animals. The up and coming artist announced her sophomore album title, Hot Pink, back in July and fans have been anxiously anticipating its release date ever since. The album will feature a few unreleased tracks that Doja has previewed both on her Instagram and at Botanica Music Festival. “Pretty Girls” seems to be the most anticipated song by fans. An anthem to women all around the world about confidence and girls supporting girls, snippets of the song has been performed at several concerts over the past few years. Take a listen here!

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With no set release date, fans have been searching for signs of the upcoming album. The singer released two hit singles back to back, “Juicy” and “Bottom Bitch,” both reaching over a million views on YouTube within 24 hours of being posted. According to Rap Genius, both tracks will be featured on Hot Pink, eluding to the idea that they were released to create buzz and build her fan base for the album. What truly has fans on the edge of their seats is the upcoming birthday of the artist on Oct 21. After six months of patiently waiting and in an attempt to piece together the mystery, fans speculate that Doja Cat will release Hot Pink on her 24th birthday as a gift to herself.

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As previously mentioned, this won’t be the artist’s first album. In early 2018, she released her self-titled debut album, Amala. Available on all platforms, that’s what will be on repeat for me until the release of Hot Pink. In the meantime, stay tuned for updates on new music, tour dates and awesome outfit looks on Doja’s Instagram and website!

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