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Discovering Self-Care Among the Stars

My second year of college was an awful combination of skipping class and avoiding social interaction. I was trudging deep in the “sophomore slump” and doing little to take care of my own mental and physical well-being. Scrolling aimlessly through Twitter, I came across a daily horoscope post for the star sign of Scorpio. At this time in my life, all I knew of astrology was my sun sign, but of course who didn’t? The message written in the tweet really resonated with me. To this day, I remember the last line of the horoscope that read, “you owe it to yourself to keep moving forward.” Here is where I began my dive into the depths of astrology. Upon some of my research, I came to understand that every person has a personal birth chart. Your chart can be calculated from knowing the date and time of your birth, along with the location of where you were born. My favorite website that offers free birth charts is Astro Charts. Thank you, Jane Doe, for the example of a free birth chart below, and I promise to never get on your bad side with that Mars in Scorpio of yours.

Courtesy: Brooke Dixon

Every person has their “big three” signs. This consists of the sun sign, moon sign, and ascendant sign. The sun sign represents your ego identity, the moon sign is considered your subconscious or inner emotional world, and the ascendant (rising sign) is your outward style and the way you come off to others upon meeting. Looking up descriptions for my planets in each of their signs was a fun, yet eye-opening process. There are both impressive aspects and areas where improvement is needed for every sign. Astrology gifts us the responsibility of reflecting on our behaviors, thoughts, and motivations that affect many areas of our life, including personal, love, career and family. Using Jane Doe’s birth chart, I’ve dissected her big three signs using information and quotes from the Astro Codex.

Natal Sun in Capricorn

“Capricorns like rules, and after creating and imposing their rules to their own selves, they will frequently continue towards others. This can sometimes lead to problems, especially when they try to structure the realities of chaotic people.”

Natal Moon in Pisces

“Moon in Pisces can give very strong psychic abilities. The person with this placement usually is an empath, a sponge who can absorb other people’s emotions. Thus, an important piece of advice is to stay away from negative or pessimistic people.”

Natal Ascendant in Virgo

“Virgo Ascendant is a great natal characteristic for a good career. Virgo is connected to the sixth house, which rules work. In addition, the seriousness that such people ooze will make them stable and respected. Their work quality can be cream-of-the-crop, as they have an inner tendency for perfectionism.”

As you can see, by reading through this information, Jane Doe may grasp a better understanding of the fundamental aspects of herself. She may feel clearer in her sense of direction or purpose. As well, Jane Doe may also feel she does not resonate with the information and leave it where it is, which is perfectly acceptable. The beauty of astrology is the flexibility in interpretations for every person. Astrology has strengthened my perception of self. It has given me the opportunity to reflect on areas of my life I had been avoiding and learn to appreciate parts of myself that I neglected to before. Daily horoscopes act as small doses of motivation every day. I encourage everyone to check out their birth chart at least once and do some looking around. It is fun to learn about yourself from a different perspective. The accessibility to this resource makes it even more appealing. There is a lot of free resourceful information on the internet that allows any person interested in astrological study the opportunity to be part of this community.

Wishing you all a productive and loving Libra Season!

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Brooke is a senior at FSU pursuing an Editing, Writing and Media degree with a minor in Psychology. She has a passion for working within her community as an Enrichment Tutor for young children. Brooke hopes to become published in an accredited magazine with an eye-catching editorial piece one day. Check out @dixon_brooke12 on Twitter for more!
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