COLORS: A Musical Platform

“All colors, no genre” may not make that much sense to you but it is the motto for COLORS which is a music platform that promotes up and coming artists. COLORS shows don’t discriminate between soloist or bands or, most importantly, genres. Instead, they focus on providing a space for artists to perform without being associated with anything except color.

The first COLORS show I ever watched was Estonian rapper Tommy Cash’s Winaloto. Winaloto was one of his first viral songs not only because it was a quality song but also because it’s music video was self-produced by Cash himself and showcased the rappers creative mind. The visuals in his Winaloto music video were enticing to the point of being a distraction, which is why I was so thrilled to watch COLORS show Winaloto. With the minimalist setup of COLORS show, I could focus more on the rapper himself. Yet the basic backdrop didn’t stop Cash from letting his extravagant side loose as you can see from the GIF below.


Courtesy: Giphy


The format of COLORS shows is very simple. Each artists has a unique color backdrop which their clothes usually compliments and in the middle of the monochromatic room is a microphone where the artist will perform live. That’s it. While I appreciate regular music videos because they allow the singer to visually expand their individual artistic vision, I love the format of COLORS shows because of how they strip down the artist. But the minimalist approach to music doesn’t limit the artist, rather it draws the attention to the lyrics and the performance of the artist.

Not only is the format aesthetically pleasing, the music is fantastic. I have found some of my favorite artist on this platform such as Ama Lou, XamVolo, DUCKWRTH and Tertia May. The people at COLORS studio have done a great job of finding artists from all walks of the music world which is why I believe so many people love this channel. COLORS is a great place to find new music because it has so many different genres and you get a little clip of how the artists perform. Also, COLORS has their own Spotify channel which includes a playlist of all the songs featured on COLORS shows that is updated regularly and the playlist itself is currently over eleven hours with 184 songs. Who wouldn’t be interested in a channel that goes through the hassle of finding new artists for them?

So if you are on the hunt for new music without any limits, I would highly suggest you follow COLORS on every platform. They post who will be featured on their Instagram and to check out the shows themselves. You just may find your new favorite artist.