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Social Media Accounts to Follow to Stay in the Loop at FSU

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FSU chapter.

The beginning of fall semester is a very exciting, but also very overwhelming time for all of us. I’ve found that being a student at Florida State University (FSU) is quite a balancing act between academics, social life, and staying involved. I get so many long and boring emails every day, making it easy for me to miss important information. Lucky for me, this is the 21st century, and everyone and their mom utilizes social media. Almost every FSU organization has some form of social media that they use for outreach. My most used social media these days is Instagram, so I decided to share some FSU accounts that have both saved me from missing deadlines and provided me with great opportunities to get involved at FSU. 


Since I am a communications major, @FSU_CCI is my go-to for information about advising, internships/job opportunities, workshops, and any social events going on. Most majors have Instagram accounts that post similar updates pertaining to their program, so students should definitely follow theirs. 


This is a great account for all students to follow in general, hence the name. I enjoy their “Weekly Top 5” posts which list a rundown of top events occurring any given week for all students. It’s a good way to get crucial student information, like drop/add start and end dates. They also repost flyers from other organizations on their Instagram story, which is a great way to look out for opportunities and events.

FSU Student union

There’s almost always something happening in the Student Union in the ballroom upstairs and Club Downunder, Bowling and Billiards, and the Art Center downstairs. By keeping up with @fsustudentunion, I can get a lot of news in one place. The Union has a lot of free events for students with many opportunities to get free swag and food. They also post updates about Market Wednesday, which is my favorite event run by the Union. 

club downunder

As previously mentioned, located in the basement of the Union is CDU! They have free concerts for FSU students, and since the entire organization is student-run, they have actually cool artists play. Last semester, they had the lovely CupcakKe, which caught me by surprise. 

Campus Rec

I am an avid Leachgoer, so following Campus Rec was a no-brainer for me. The hours of the Leach often change due to campus closures or holidays, and @fsucampusrec is always sure to make a post about it. My friends and I frequently participate in intramurals; the easiest way to get notified about when registration for sports open is by checking Instagram. 

Last but not least, Her Campus at fsu

@hercampusfsu is a great place to get information about FSU from a more real student perspective. I have learned so many helpful tips not only about FSU’s campus, but also great things about the city of Tallahassee. 

I encourage students to explore and search up any organizations they are interested in because chances are they have some form of social media outreach, even if it’s good ole Facebook. 

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I’m a communications major at Florida State. Class of 2026!