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Every October, we have a lot to celebrate. Halloween is just around the corner, the air is starting to get cooler, and Breast Cancer Awareness Month is in full effect. Breast cancer is the second most common form of cancer in women and is also the second most fatal. About one in eight people will develop breast cancer over the course of their lives, and getting regularly checked is one way we can take care of our bodies. 

Here at Florida State, we have our Health and Wellness Center to help us stay vigilant about our health. The dedicated Women’s Clinic on the fifth floor of the Wellness Center is here to help. While they provide different services, such as gynecological exams and pregnancy services, they also can give you a breast exam and teach you how to perform routine self-examinations afterward. 

Regularly getting checked and performing self-examinations is an effective way of identifying any lumps or any changes that could indicate something more serious, and it’s up to you to seek the medical attention that you may need. Finding a problem and doing nothing about it could lead to the spread of cancerous cells. Delaying treatment doesn’t help you out. 

Breast Cancer Now is a research group that helps educate the public on the signs and symptoms of different forms of breast cancer. They are giving women the tools necessary to identify when something has changed, what to look for, and what to expect when you do find something. They are giving women all the information they need before and during diagnosis, treatment, and what to expect after being treated for breast cancer.  

While the median age for receiving a breast cancer diagnosis is 62 years old, the possibility of developing breast cancer early on in life is possible. You can develop breast cancer at any age, and when the number of women who develop breast cancer is as high as it is, you should always be on the lookout for not just yourself, but those around you.  

To schedule an appointment at the Women’s Clinic, you can either schedule online here, call University Health Services, or walk in and make an appointment. They are open Monday through Friday from 8 am to 4 p.m. Once you schedule your appointment, you can fill out their patient forms and the Women’s Health form before your appointment to save time. You just need to bring your FSU Card and your insurance card to your appointment and you’re good to go. 

Just because October is almost over doesn’t mean that breast cancer awareness should go away. Going to get checked out is one of the best things you can do for yourself not just this Breast Cancer Awareness month, but all year long. Sharing is caring, so share the information you’ve learned with your friends and family to show your support to the people that you love and care about.  

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Angela Himes is a senior Staff Writer at Her Campus FSU studying Editing, Writing, and Media with a Communications minor. Beyond Her Campus FSU, Angela also works as a Staff Writer for the FSView & Florida Flambeau where she writes for their Views section, an opinion oriented section in which she writes her opinions on various topics. In her free time, Angela enjoys spending time with her dog Sugar, reading books, listening to music, and drinking coffee.