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Calling All Med Students to the Health Professions Career Fair

One of the biggest issues we face as college students are job seeking. It’s a daunting, intimidating task that must be done if we want to actually put our degrees to some good use. FSU does a fantastic job of providing Noles with various resources to help us achieve the absolute most. The Career Center is one of those resources and they will be hosting the Health Professions Career Fair.

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When and where is it?

The fair will be held on Thursday, Feb. 22, 2018, in the Oglesby Union Ballrooms (on the second floor) from 12:30 p.m. to 3 p.m.

What is it?

This event is for students who are studying medicine and wish to work in the industry. The fair will host professionals in the field such as representatives from hospitals and social service agencies. Employers will be there to discuss potential internships and other job opportunities. If your major is biology, psychology, dietetics, interdisciplinary medical sciences, nursing or something else health-related you should definitely attend the fair!

How do you prepare?

The Career Center highly recommends bringing your resume; and not just one, but several copies. You will be talking to a number of different healthcare professionals and it’s best to be prepared! You may also want to consider having different versions of your resume prepared depending on which jobs you’re targeting. If you’re unsure about whether your resume is done correctly, the Career Center will go over it with you.

You should also have your elevator pitch well-rehearsed. This is a great way for employers to get to know who you are and what you’re all about very quickly. It also shows that you’re well-spoken and driven. Here are some tips on how to improve and perfect your elevator pitch.

It’s important to know who you’ll be talking to! Research the employers who will be at the fair. They’ll certainly be very impressed should you be knowledgeable about their company, thus increasing your chances of getting a job or internship. Researching the employers in attendance will also allow you to weed out the organizations that you don’t want to work for making your visit to the fair much more efficient. From here you can find a list of all the employers who will be attending the fair!

To finish it off, make sure you’re dressed to impress! Employers want to see students who are professional and ready for the workforce. If you have a suit, wear it! Muted colors like navy blue, black and gray are most professional. Closed-toe shoes and simple accessories are preferable. It’s also a good idea not to wear any heavily scented perfumes or colognes. If you’re unsure if you’re prepared enough for the fair, the Career Center has a comprehensive guide to everything you’ll need to know!

What happens after?

Follow up! Employers love when students show that they really are passionate and want to work for the company or organization. Simply sending a ‘thank you’ email can really make a difference, even land you an interview!

Graduation day seems as if it’s rapidly approaching and it may seem like you have no idea what to do after that day comes and goes. The Career Center, however, is there to help you! The Health Professions Career Fair is one of many that the Career Center arranges. If med school is your next stop, be sure to attend this event and be ready for it. If you’re not studying medicine, check out the many other events, workshops, and services that the Career Center offers.

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