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A Berry Good Day at The Good Berry

The life of a college student can be extremely difficult. Not only do we have the expectation of thriving within every course, but we must also worry about maintaining a social life, eating healthy, and making sure enough money is in our bank account in order to survive. Challenges can meddle in our effort of meeting each expectation, and these challenges can be from a new season of our favorite show being uploaded on Netflix to suddenly craving sugary sweets that can ruin our healthy habits. And, gosh, it is so easy to reach for another chip in the bag due to our mother not lurking in the corner and smacking our hand. Luckily, there are people and places in Tallahassee with the hope of helping college students.

The Good Berry is a place specializing in acai bowls with two locations—one on Thomasville Road and another in Collegetown, which is walking distance from campus. The local business thrives on serving foods that are tasty and sweet, however, healthy for any college student not wanting to break their goal of maintaining their healthy eating habits during their time at university. Aside from acai bowls, the menu includes other healthy options such as avocado toast and juices.

Courtesy: Dana Sardina

Despite the popularity of acai bowls in recent years, fewer and fewer people visit locations like The Good Berry during the autumn and winter seasons due to the fact that acai bowls are often associated with the hotter days of the year. However, acai bowls do not only have to be eaten after a morning tanning alongside the pool. A person can eat acai bowls after buying a pumpkin to decorate the front porch of his or her home. Fruits can be eaten at any time of the year! You do not see Publix closing the fresh produce section during the winter because how dare anyone eat a strawberry in November! Acai bowls can be eaten year-round as well.

In an effort to increase sales during this time of year at The Good Berry, this Friday, Nov. 15 from 10 a.m.-3 p.m., The Good Berry will host a Share-it-Day with Her Campus. If you mention you are with Her Campus, 15 percent of what you pay will be returned to Her Campus. By attending, not only will you be helping Her Campus with future events, but you will also be helping a local business keep its place in Tallahassee.

Courtesy: Jocelyn Arbogast

Make sure to bring your friends to The Good Berry to share a berry good time with them. You will also be showing the local business that you apple-preciate their presence in the community, as well. If you want to make this an even more exciting time, The Good Berry is also a grape place to take a melon pictures, so you can update your Instagram account afterward. I am sure your followers will love your images cherry much. Should I stop with the fruit puns?

All in all, Her Campus invites you Nov.15 to The Good Berry in order to have a great day with friends as well as support a local business. Make sure to share the event with all of your friends and encourage them to eat more acai bowls during the colder days. It’s never too cold to eat an acai bowl!

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Jocelyn is a senior at FSU studying Editing, Writing, and Media (EWM) and Chinese as well as seeking her TESOL certification with the Department of Education. If not studying or volunteering, she enjoys spending time with her black cat Salem watching YouTube videos.
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