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Baillie Ward: Graduating Senior Talks Philanthropy and Her FSU Experience

Name: Baillie Ward

Year: Senior

Major: Media and Communications Studies w/ a minor in Spanish

HC: What are you involved with on campus?

BW: I am in a national gender and major inclusive fraternity called Phi Sigma Pi and I am their Brother at Large. As Brother at Large, I am responsible for mediating between the chapter and the executive board, resolving conflicts within the chapter and being the go-to person if anyone in the fraternity has any cause for concern. Phi Sigma Pi is made up of a very diverse group of people, who I would’ve never imagined becoming friends with, but now I couldn’t imagine not being in it.

HC: What things are you passionate about?

BW: I am passionate about the non-profit industry, I’ve been an intern at the Children’s Home Society of Florida since last June where I work very closely along with my supervisors to plan events that raise money for children in need in the Tallahassee community. I also love animals, books, food and traveling.

HC: You mentioned that you work for a non-profit, would you consider continuing to work for a non-profit after graduation?

BW: Definitely. I’ve applied to a lot of non-profits to help with resource development, event planning and marketing because I think it’s really important to work for something that adds value to your life. I think the non-profit industry is a great way to show your skills in a way that has a direct impact on the community around you.

HC: If you could create your own non-profit, what cause would you benefit?

BW: I think I would create a non-profit targeted towards children, teens and young adults struggling with mental health. I know there’s a lot out there about reducing stigma and there’s a lot about individual mental health disorders, but I would like to make it more accessible and more acceptable for children and teens to address any struggles they have with mental health so that they can be better prepared to take care of themselves emotionally when they become adults.

HC: I know you recently adopted a furry friend of your own, tell me about him.

BW: I adopted a kitten from the Leon County Animal Shelter, his name is Snicklefritz, but I call him Fritz for short. I adopted him at a rough time in my life, so I saved him, but he really saved me.

Courtesy: Baillie Ward


HC: You’ll be graduating in the spring, what has been your best FSU experience or memory?

BW: I would say surrounding myself with a group of people who have the same interests as me, so no matter what we do, we always end up getting into some sort of adventure, whether it’s a trip to Providence Canyon or going to football games together, I always have fun with them. Traveling with my friends and making memories in new places that I will always associate with that place when I go back.

 HC: You seem to be quite the traveler, what is your favorite place you’ve been, and where do you want to go next?

BW: I think my favorite place I’ve been was Ireland, which I went to on a weekend trip during my time studying abroad in London. The nature and the beauty, and the culture itself, was really breathtaking. In terms of where I’d like to go next, I’d really like to go to Alberta, Canada and go to Lake Louise and go hiking in the mountains.

Courtesy: Baillie Ward


HC: What’s one piece of advice you would give your freshman self?

BW: Go to a therapist sooner and prioritize your mental health. Don’t think that just because you don’t stay friends with the people you came to college with, you’ll never make friends. Be more open-minded and be confident in the fact that you’re going to find the group of people you belong with, even if that means there are some bumps in the road and you start feeling sad, you’re not a coward for seeking help.

A Media and Communications Studies & Spanish double major with an unhealthy love for corgis. 
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