Additional Ways to Get Involved On Campus

As a result of their hectic schedules, not many students actually make the time to explore the various opportunities their campuses have to offer. This circumstance is extremely unfortunate, as getting to know your University’s campus is an essential part of the “college experience.” 

In an effort to help students like yourself prioritize your immersion into the world of campus proceedings, we have compiled a list of ways to familiarize yourself with the diverse events happening around you.

Attend/Organize Study Sessions

As any efficacious academic will attest, study sessions can be an extremely valuable tool for succeeding during your time in college. Additionally, these sessions also possess the opportunity to introduce individuals to new ideas and persons in an environment that is dissimilar to that offered by the traditional classroom lecture hall. 

Florida State University hosts an innumerable number of these sessions ranging across a broad span of focuses. If you are unable to find a study session that fits your individual needs, we encourage you to use this opportunity to independently organize one, utilizing resources such as the Strozier Library study rooms.

 Strozier Library study rooms and spaces online booking tool.

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Participate in a Research Study/Focus Group

In contrast to the previously mentioned proposition, participating in graduate research studies and focus groups can provide students the unique opportunity to engage academically with other students completely outside of their discipline. 

We encourage involvement in these studies to facilitate a student-helping-student culture, while simultaneously emboldening individuals to branch out of their personal discipline in a hands-on manner.

Florida State University Office of Research research volunteer information.

For more information of the FSU Office of Research, click here

Attend an Informational Meeting

Extracurricular clubs and organizations are a classic example of getting involved on campus. Despite its obviousness within the realm of “plugging-in”, it can prove somewhat challenging to select an association that fits your particular wants and needs as a student. 

To circumvent the process of joining and later dropping an ill-fitting club, we advise that before joining, you attend at least one informational meeting to test your compatibility with an organization and its members. Most all student organizations on campus hold periodic general interest meetings, and these sessions are consistently found to be a valuable tool in selecting a beneficial organization. 

Furthermore, as a student looking to become more involved, try attending at least one new informational meeting a semester. 

 Nole Central Registered Student Organization list.

For assistance finding information on registered student organizations and their meetings, use this tool.

Donate at a Blood Drive

Finally, one option that you may not have previously considered for increasing your involvement on campus is donating blood to the University blood drive. The One Blood “Big Red Bus” frequently stations itself on Florida State University’s campus to collect student blood donations. These buses allow students to simply walk onto the bus without pre-scheduling an appointment and make donations at their convenience. 

Overall, blood donation allows students to positively contribute to their community while actively engaging in events on campus.

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If you have any other resourceful tips to encourage fellow students on how to get involved on campus, share them in a tweet to Her Campus FSU!