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8 Study Hacks You’ll Need to Ace Your Classes This Semester

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FSU chapter.

While some of us may have already struggled through our midterms, I bet the test taking is not finished for everyone. I think one of the hardest parts about tests and midterms is actually studying. It’s just SO. BORING. You end up spending more time stalking your neighbor’s sister’s sorority roommate from UF that you meant two years ago at Gasparilla than actually doing anything productive. Also, I know we all think spring break was a tease, and that summer is just so far away that we can barely stand it, but if you haven’t realized, there are only five weeks left of classes, which means final exams are right around the corner. So, next time you start studying (which should be real soon), take these study hacks and put them to good use. You and your GPA can thank me later.

1.  Instrumental Pandora stations are your best friend. No, they’re not entertaining, but even if it’s a top 40 instrumental, your focus will be much more stable.

2.  Are you a math/accounting/finance major and you use a lot of formulas you can barely remember half the time? Help your memory out and write them down one last time 5 minutes before your test. It works, I promise!

3.  Are you always playing with new and cool fonts on your computer? Maybe you even change the font depending on which subject your notes are for? Well, I actually advise against that. Instead, only use Times New Roman, since this has been proved to be the fastest font to read.

4.  Do you have a lot of readings to do that just seem impossible to get through? Eat a gummy bear, a bite sized Reese’s, or whatever your candy of choice every time you finish a page or a section and your motivation will sky rocket.

5.  Take “laughing” breaks every once in a while. Now, I’m not saying spend 30 minutes studying and an hour on YouTube. But every few hours it’s a good idea to take a break and laugh a little because the more you laugh, the less you cry.

6.  Use Quizlet to make flashcards. You can make an account, but you don’t have to. But if you do, you can use their App and take your flash cards with your virtually (pun intended) anywhere. You may not even need to make your own flash cards, because chances are someone has taken the same class before and already made them for their own test. You just have to borrow them!

7.  Use whiteboards. I know Strozier has some of these on the second floor just hanging out waiting to be used, and the study rooms are also equipped with them. You could even just go to target and get your own. My point here is using a whiteboard gives you a variety when it comes to writing stuff down, and you don’t just have to use the same old pen and paper all the time. This puts the “fun” in studying. Okay maybe that was a stretch, but it does give you variety, which is almost fun.

8.  Take notes using different colored pens. This one I saved for last because it is my favorite. Color stimulates the mind, so utilizing different colored pens not only looks great, but can also help you memorize all those notes.

BONOUS TIP: If you’re a notecard-type person, use different colored note cards instead of the plain, boring white ones. These colorful cards also stimulate your brain and help the memorization process go a little smoother.

Hannah is a southern girl from the sunshine state who keeps J.Crew and Ralph Lauren in business with her shopping habits, and likes to spend her summers strolling through Central Park. She's an Editing, Writing, and Media Major with a minor in International Affairs. When she's not writing and editing for Her Campus, she is working at other publications on campus and holding a position in her sorority, Delta Delta Delta. She binge watches One Tree Hill and Gossip Girl like it is her job, and considers peanut butter a food group. Hannah is going to change the world someday, she just doesn't know how yet. Follow her on twitter @hannahbeery for some tweets you won't be able to get enough of. 
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