7 Things That Having a Busy Schedule Has Taught Me

Having a very busy schedule this semester for the first time in my college experience has taught me so much more than I could have ever imagined. It was something I had to get used to and turns out it isn’t as easy as it seems!

1. It Isn't Always #GirlBoss Moments.

There will be moments where you will feel exhausted and like you can’t keep going. Having a busy schedule means you have to make it to meetings, go to work, do schoolwork, exercise etc., all in one day. While this deceivingly glamorous life may seem pretty badass and cool to others, you sometimes envy your friends that have free time.

Courtesy: Girl Boss

2. You Forget to Eat or Take Care of Yourself Sometimes.

When you have a busy schedule, life seems like it goes by fast. You are always thinking about where you have to go next and how you are going to get there, that you forget about your own needs. It is important to plan when you are going to have breakfast, lunch and dinner. It may seem weird to others that you have “lunch at ___” written in your planner but if that’s what you need to do to take care of yourself, by all means!

3. Your Friends Are Bummed When You Can't Go out With Them.

Your friends miss you, they want to spend time and grab lunch or go out at night. However, you have to set your priorities and tell them in a nice manner that you have a prior conflict. But you should remember to make time for the people that matter the most over the weekends. Life should be fun!

4. Your Brain Starts to Hurt Sometimes.

Occasionally your head starts to spin at 50 miles an hour. That is when you know you need to drop the thing you are doing and do something you enjoy before going back to the task at hand. This is very important and will benefit your state of mind in the end.

5. If You Lost Your Planner, It'd Be the End of the World.

Your planner has everything and anything you need. You would be completely lost without it and wouldn’t know where to go next, it’s your lifeline.

Courtesy: IheartPlanners 

6. You Know This Will All Be Worth It.

College may get difficult at times when you have too much going on. You need to know that you are in charge of the activities you are involved in. You should remember that you can drop organizations, clubs or sports that just don’t fulfill you anymore and take up your time.

7. Make Sure You Focus on the Present Moment.

You have to make sure that you focus on the current task. This means pay attention in class, focus on your homework and stay present.