6 Everyday Acts of Feminism

In our current society, your inner feminist may be craving world domination. However, if you’re anything like me, you may not have the accessibility to go to a huge protest or go to a march or call up your Senators and demand equal pay. However, there are always little ways in which you can spread feminism in your everyday lives and show support  for your sisters. And hey, even if you do those things, sometimes the little things require some attention too. 

1. Stop Apologizing

Woman with hand out

According to a new study, women do apologize far more than men do. Think about it: How many times have you, as a woman, said something like, “I’m sorry to bother you but…” or “I’m sorry I’m talking so much,” or anything in that area. I had a conversation with one of my male best friends at one point, and he seemed to notice this behavior and asked, “Why do girls always apologize so much?” And, after a few minutes of discussion, it finally hit me: Women are conditioned to apologize for the simple act of their existence, whether we do it subconsciously or not. Practice the liberating art of being unapologetic of who you are.

2. Wear What You Want

We are constantly concerned with how we look, how we’re dressed and what kind of a presence we give off, whether that presence ranges from boss b*tch to Pride and Prejudice. We were always taught to be aware of our appearances in an incredibly uncomfortable way: Don’t wear too much makeup, don’t not wear makeup, don’t dress like a slut, don’t dress like a prude. Here’s my hot take: Wear whatever the hell you want.

3. Take Up Space

Too often I have been walking down the sidewalk, minding my business, when all of a sudden, a guy will show up walking in the opposite direction. We’re heading towards each other, and if one of us doesn’t move soon, we’re probably going to collide. Now, a couple of years ago, I would move every time. However, I read about this experiment a lot of women were doing and decided to give it a try: Whenever this happens, don’t be the first to move out of the way. And guess what? We collided. Every. Single. Time. And it was so fascinating because, after that, I realized that they always expect me to move out of the way first. This whole process stems  from   what women are taught from youth: that they are not allowed to take up space. So, next time this scenario happens, let him run into you.

4. Be Assertive

Lady boss plaque

If a man outwardly expressed his opinion or displayed assertiveness, he would not be called “bossy” or “a b*tch” or even,  worst  of all, “too emotional.” So, why are we? Why do we, as women, have to walk around on eggshells trying not to tarnish our reputation for behavior that men are free to get away with? Women are raised to be more agreeable, even at the expense of their own comfort and needs. Don’t be afraid to stand up and assert yourself. When you stand up for yourself, you stand up for your sisters everywhere.

5. Don’t Pretend that Joke’s Funny

Seriously, we all know a guy whose entire lexicon of comedy consists of only inappropriate and offensive jokes (you know the ones). Yeah, you can laugh to diffuse an uncomfortable situation and to avoid conflict, but what’s that going to achieve? You’re going to leave that interaction feeling uncomfortable and he’s going to leave feeling like he’s the bee’s knees. Instead, look him directly in the eyes and just say, “I don’t get it.” Watch as he tries to explain his offensive thoughts and dig himself into a hole.

6. Treat Yourself like Royalty

Woman with crown

Why is treating ourselves well so often followed by guilt? Why can we not shamelessly treat ourselves like the queens we are? One survey found that, when asked, women claimed it was because they didn’t have enough free time. We deserve to be pampered and spoiled for all of the hard work we do, even if we have to do the spoiling ourselves. Practice some self-love, girl, and you’ll spread love to the rest of the community.

Not everybody has access to go march on the capitol or go get their voice heard at a protest. However, every girl boss can spread feminism in little ways in their everyday life. All you have to do is spread a little bit of love for your fellow sisters. 

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