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50 Things That Go Through Your Head When Preparing For A Body Building Competition

After careful consideration and months of research, you’ve decided that you want to compete in a fitness competition. You’ve contacted a competition coach, a posing coach, you’ve chosen the federation you want to compete in, the category that best fits you, and you’ve got your eyes set on a competition show date. Being that this is your first time competing, you probably don’t know what the process is like mentally. Below are the top 50 things that run through my mind as I prep for my very first Bikini Fitness Competition.


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  1. “Ughh, early morning Cardio.”
  2. “Constantly daydreaming about unhealthy foods.”
  3. “I really wanna go out tonight but I can’t.”
  4. “Gotta hit the gym TWICE today.”
  5. “Today’s my weekly weigh in day.”
  6. “Have I lost enough weight this week?”
  7. “Ughh, my coach just increased my cardio.”
  8. “Do I really need to do cardio.”
  9. “Why aren’t I losing enough weight?”
  10. “I can make this fit into my macros.”
  11. “Yay, refeed day.”
  12. “Ughh, coach lowered my carbs.”
  13. “I better look amazing on stage.”
  14. “All this water is making me run to the restroom every 5 seconds.”
  15. “”Gotta send progress pics to my coach.”
  16. “This will all be worth it in the end.”
  17. “Posing lessons, yay.”
  18. (Flexes in front of the mirror) “I’m making GAINZ.”
  19. “Time to meal prep.”
  20. Grocery shopping is so expensive,”
  21. (Checks out core) “I’m making GAINZ”
  22. (Leaves the gym) “I can conquer anything.”
  23. (Sighs) “I really wanna eat out but I can’t.”
  24. “Gotta pick out my competition wear.”
  25. “I’ve just outdone myself.”
  26. “Why am I still the same weight”
  27. “Trust the process. Trust the process. Trust the process.”
  28. “None of my friends understand me.”
  29. “I’m tired of vegetables!!!”
  30. “YESSS!!! A high carb day!!!”
  31. “You can do this, you can do this!”
  32. “I pretty much live at the gym now.”
  33. “So, no cheat meals?”
  34. “Why did I think I could do this?”
  35. “My body is banging!”
  36. “I’m getting leaner.”
  37. “Ughh, I’ve got to go do some cardio.”
  38. “Once you start eating super clean, you get used to it.”
  39. I really want some (insert unhealthy food).”
  40. “Trust your coach, he knows what they are doing.”
  41. “I just killed (insert body part that was being worked on that day)”
  42. “Hey, I look good.”
  43. “Can’t wait for competition day.”
  44. “Competition day is almost here. YAY!!!”
  45. “Can’t wait for that post-competition meal.”
  46. “I don’t mind HIIT Cardio but I HATE all other forms.”
  47. “ I found a posing coach. YESSSSS!!!”
  48. “ I love and respect my coach.”
  49. “I’ve got to drink this whole gallon of water by the end of the day.”


A senior attending Florida State. Double majoring in English and French. 
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