5 Tallahassee Restaurants You Have to Try Before Graduation

Alright, seniors, it’s your final semester of college and we get it—you probably can’t wait to leave Tallahassee and get out into the real world. We totally agree! But before you go, make sure you check out these AMAZING restaurants you won’t be able to find anywhere else! Even if you aren’t graduating soon, make sure you start crossing these off your must-try list!

1. Sugar Rush

This ice cream shop opened in August of 2016 and easily has some of the best milkshakes in town. With a large menu, you can either create your own milkshake or select one of their crazy combinations. Milkshakes come topped with doughnuts, cotton candy, an entire slice of cake and so much more. They also offer scoops of ice cream and have a candy bar as well. If you have a sweet tooth, make sure to give this place a try!

Courtesy: Sugar Rush

2. Voodoo Dog

This adorable restaurant in College Town is a recent discovery of mine. The menu is full of amazing hotdogs and killer burgers. The theme and vibe inside the restaurant make it quite a cool experience that’s definitely worth a try.

Courtesy: Voodoo Dog

3. Gumby’s Pizza and Wings

Gumby’s is an amazing pizza shop. Right off of Tennessee Street, this franchise has become a staple in Tallahassee. The pokey sticks are easily one of the best things on their menu, which are kind of next-level cheese breadsticks.

Courtesy: Spoon University

4. Urban Food Market

In the past few months, I’ve lost count of the of times I’ve been back to the Urban Food Market. Located by the old mall and AMC theater, this is the perfect place to get a break from campus. There are multiple restaurants to choose from with options like pasta, pizza, gelato and so much more! Diga Pasta easily takes the number one spot with local and organic ingredients. The process is dubbed as “gourmet fast food” in which you select everything that goes into your own dish – from the types of pasta to the cheese on top. If you ever find yourself craving pasta, definitely give this place a try.

Courtesy: Urban Food Market

5. Blossom Kitchen

Blossom Kitchen is another recent discovery. Located off of Tennessee Street, this delicious Chinese food restaurant is right next door to Gumby’s. The large menu makes it hard to decide what to order, but you definitely won't be disappointed. Blossom easily takes the title of the best Chinese food in Tallahassee and also serves bubble tea and ice cream. Make sure to give this place a shot if you’re wanting delicious fried rice and egg rolls!

Courtesy: Blossom Kitchen

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