5 Restaurants That Put Suwanee to Shame

Having lived in Tallahassee for almost a month now, I’ve started investigating some of the best restaurants around town. With the help of a few locals, I’ve narrowed down the list to the top five that you must try.

1. Lucky Goat Coffee

While this technically might be more of a café than a restaurant, it is worth mentioning. Lucky Goat Coffee has four locations throughout the city and is easily a Tallahassee fan favorite. The atmosphere upon walking into any location is upbeat but also relaxing. Not only do they offer freshly made drinks and bags of their coffee beans, you may be able to find their coffee available at other restaurants throughout the city. Many places have a tap for Lucky Goat’s famous cold brew, which easily rivals Starbucks’.  The company, which began in 2010, has been expanding ever since. The legend behind the name is that a herdsman noticed his goats had extra energy after eating some wild berries. After the herdsman tried them himself, he experienced the same effect. The seeds of the berries are believed to be coffee beans. Definitely try out Lucky Goat for your next study session!

Courtesy: Lucky Goat Coffee


2. Midtown Caboose

I can safely say there is nothing quite like Midtown Caboose, in a good way. This burger and sandwich shop is one you’ll find yourself going back to time and time again. The eccentric combinations of food to choose from really make for quite the experience. From “S’more than Words” which is a graham cracker crusted burger topped with melted marshmallow and dark chocolate all on top of a warm cocoa bun, to even crazier mixtures that seem somewhat terrifying, the menu is definitely worth checking out. Its location in Midtown, surrounded by beautiful green trees, really offers a picturesque view if you’re lucky enough to get a window seat. As an extra bonus, they’re almost always playing major sporting events on televisions throughout the restaurant, so you never miss an important game.

Courtesy: McKenzie Ozment​

3. Spear-It

As an FSU themed restaurant, it’s one that should certainly be on any student or alumni list to try. The decor is centered around the university's colors and traditions, including a mural of the vintage logo that is perfect for an Instagram worthy picture. The food itself is divine, with each item having a local spin from Renegade Shrimp to Wakulla Springs Chicken. Especially worth mentioning are their “legendary bowls” that you can personalize for a healthier option — although they are just as delicious as anything else you find on the menu.

Courtesy: Yelp

4. Taco Republik

Another Tallahassee original, this taco place is hands down one of the best in town. With incredibly friendly service and outstanding food, it’s one that comes highly recommendable by Tallahassee natives. Paying homage to FSU, the restaurant has a mural of a Seminole Indian eating a taco which makes for quite a funny picture. As a true fan of Tex-Mex food, I can be pretty particular about queso and I’m happy to report that the queso from Taco Republik is some of the best I’ve ever had.

Courtesy: McKenzie Ozment

5. Momo’s

Momo’s is a cult favorite of students at FSU and upon tasting their food, you immediately see why. The pizza is notorious for being the best in town, rivaling that of chain restaurants like Pizza Hut and Domino’s.  The college-town atmosphere and fast and friendly service only add to the appeal of this restaurant. Notorious for their unbelievably large slices, you’re guaranteed to leave the restaurant happily with a full stomach.

Courtesy: Spoon University