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4 Tips on How to Get Your Life Together at the Start of the Semester

School is back! The start of the semester is a crazy and weird time. Even if this isn’t your first year in college it can still feel like a complete paradigm shift. You have new classes which means a completely new schedule, maybe a new home, new opportunities to join clubs and sports. However, with all this exciting madness we all crave to have some stability in our lives. Personally, I am counting down the days until I can have a set schedule and routine to follow!

1. Have several plans/routes to class in mind

Right now, you may be figuring out the best routes to class, you should try them all. However, make sure you leave with enough time to find the best and most efficient route to class. The parking garages are extra crazy right now so if you are driving to class, make sure to leave at least 30 minutes early! If you have friends take you that’s perfectly fine but make sure you have a back-up plan if something ever comes up and they won’t be able to take you.

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2. Set alarms, reminders, and write EVERYTHING down

At the beginning of every semester there are a lot of expenses. Books, tuition, rent, etc. You need to be sure to write down due dates and deadlines. (I already got a late fee for forgetting to pay rent since there’s so much going on, oops!) But that is completely avoidable if you stay organized. Your phone is your best friend when it comes to reminders because you have it everywhere you go. Not only are there money deadlines, there are homework and syllabus quizzes due as well! These can even count for attendance so it is very important to remember that school is a priority.

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3. Attend club meetings that interest you

Right now is a better time than ever to get involved. There are so many organizations that have their doors open for new members and have informational meetings. Not only are clubs great for the resume, but you can meet individuals with the same interests as you. This is great to make new friendships and potential connections for after college careers (I know it’s scary, we’re actually going to have to graduate someday).

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4. Write down your exams/assignments in your planner

The semester is going to get real hectic, real quick. The best way to avoid any surprises or missed assignments is to look at the syllabus and write your due dates. You could also do this on your phone so that you are reminded when something is due, ahead of time.

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Bonus tip: Last but not least, remember to call your parents! You may have spent summer or some weeks at home, they’re not used to you being gone, so remember to make time to tell them how things are going and vent a little. The beginning of the semester may be stressful, but as soon as you set a strong routine everything will settle down. Happy Back to School!  

I am currently a sophomore at Florida State University but my home is in South Florida. My major is political science with a minor in communications. Getting into yoga has been my New Years resolution since 2013. I like school, reading, writing (duh), and road trips.
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