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It’s 2019 and girl bosses are everywhere. Whether it’s in the music, film, modeling or television industry, it’s not hard to find a leading lady who is taking 2019 by storm. Women are taking over and demanding the attention they so rightly deserve for their many talents and I am loving every bit of it. Here are some of the most popular women taking over 2019!

1. Lady Gaga

Courtesy: Evening Standard


Lady Gaga is undeniably one of the most successful artists of our generation. Since her breakout hit “Just Dance” was released in 2008, Gaga has consistently stayed at the forefront of the music industry and the media. No other artist in our generation has been more highly publicized than Mother Monster herself and for good reason, she deserves it! Since her electric performance in A Star Is Born, Gaga has been receiving high praise for her wide range of skills. Not only is she an incredible singer, but she is also a wickedly talented actress as well. Her role as “Ally” in the movie heavily contributed to the success of the film and the hit song “Shallow.” The song earned an Oscar at the 2019 awards, proving that the reigning Queen of Pop really is taking over 2019.

2. Sophie Turner

Courtesy: People


Sophie Turner is far too underrated for the amount of talent and style she has. Considering that she is the star of the final season of hit show Game of Thrones, the star of the newest X-Men movie, Dark Phoenix, and is the soon to be Mrs. Joe Jonas, I’d say she’s absolutely thriving in 2019. Beyond being the most boss lady on Game of Thrones (no spoilers but Sansa should be on the Iron Throne), she is also a fashion icon in her own right. Her cool, calm and collected attitude combined with her edgy fashion sense makes for the ideal 2019 girl boss style and I am here for it.

3. Ariana Grande

Courtesy: Hypebeast


You knew this one was coming. If there’s any woman that has been at the forefront of 2019, it’s the one and only Ariana Grande. The pop diva has not let the music industry breathe with her back-to-back releases of “Sweetener” and “Thank U, Next.” Just last week, Ariana tied with The Beatles for holding the top three spots on the Billboard Hot 100, showing how she is solidifying her role in the music industry and collecting names at the same time. Not to mention, she also just became the most followed woman on Instagram after gaining 13 million followers in the last four months. Talk about a true girl boss.

4. Kaia Gerber

Courtesy: Popsugar


It seems to be that the latest face of the modeling industry is none other than 17-year-old Kaia Gerber. Cindy Crawford’s daughter has made a name for herself in the fashion world by modeling for some of the hottest names. Kaia has strutted down the runways of Chanel, Prada, Fendi, Calvin Klein and Alexander Wang (just to name a few, no big deal). The teen model won the Model of the Year award at The Fashion Awards last year, showing that her domination of the modeling world is only just beginning.

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