17 Things Better Than Having a Spring Break Body

1. Eating pizza because it’s delicious and you deserve it ~always~

2. Sleeping past 9 AM on a weekday. Who knew heaven was a place on earth AKA your bed?

Courtesy: Tumblr

3. Not having to wait around awkwardly for an open elliptical because 1. You hate treadmills and 2. YOU ARE NOT AT THE GYM SO WHO CARES?

4. Watching an extra episode of whatever because you didn’t have to waste time driving to AND from the gym (bonus points because you saved gas and the planet)

5. Sweatpants > running tights, ‘nuff said. Even better though? NO PANTS – public decency has no meaning when you are in the privacy of your own home.

6. Lying in Corpse Pose. On your bed. No yoga class required. It’s called sleeping.

7. Reading inspiration books on how to get your life together and doing NOTHING to implement them.

8. Chocolate.

9. Screaming about how this is the WORST season of the Bachelor ever and complaining about how there are so many better uses for your time, like going to a spinning class or hydrating more, but continuing to scream anyway.

Courtesy: Giphy

10. Checking all your social media apps ten billion times in a row at 3pm.

11. Going to wine class. And beer class. And cheese-making class. Anything involving alcohol and food.

12. Doing your laundry less because half of your clothes aren’t consistently soaked with sweat.

13. Casually strolling past the cookie dough in Publix and buying nothing everything.

14. Having a waffle at brunch instead of kale.

15. Spending hours planning a spring break trip you can’t afford.

16. Did we mention sleep?

17. And food?