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11 Slow Cooker Recipes That’ll Make Meal Prep a Breeze

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To be honest, meal prepping isn’t my forte, but I’ve learned in life that slow cookers were made for this very precise reason. Requiring minimum meal preparation and no need to watch the pot, crock pot recipes are a simple fix for when you don’t feel like cooking. Better yet these are the best meals for the dreaded week ahead – finals week. For some of you students this time starts now and these recipes are here to help. So, stay away from the easy cheat of getting your dinners from a drive-through variety and stick to something that’ll keep you full and focused.

Low Carb Lasagna

Courtesy: WellPlated


An Italian stable without all the carbs, this lasagna proves that vegetables can be a good substitute for anything. 

Click here for the recipe.

Asian Chicken Lettuce Wraps

Courtesy: Cooking Classy

Light and delicious, these lettuce wraps are the perfect fix for your Asian cravings.

Click here for the recipe.

Balsamic Chicken

Courtesy: Delish

Rich in flavor, your mouth will be watering for more.

Click here for the recipe.


Courtesy: Food Network

Need a little caffeine pick-me-up, you’re in for a real treat with this recipes special ingredient.

Click here for the recipe.

Thai Chicken

Courtesy: The Fitchen

Sweet but spicy, these tacos can also be made into sandwiches, lettuce wraps, and bowls.

Click here for the recipe.

Harvest Time Chicken with Couscous

Courtesy: Taste of Home

In time for the winter season, this hearty meal will keep you feeling full and satisfied.

Click here for recipe.

Thai Red Curry Beef

Courtesy: My Recipes

Like a bit of spice in your life? The jalapeno seeds add just the right amount of kick to this delicious recipe.

Click here for recipe.

Braised Beef in Baked Potatoes

Courtesy: Self

This meal is so good you’ll be happy that you have leftovers.

Click here for recipe.

Beef and Broccoli

Courtesy: Life in the Loft-house 

Who needs Bento when you have this flavorful recipe!

Click here for recipe.

Chicken Enchilada Quinoa

Courtesy: Bobbis Kozy Kitchen

Quick and simple, this recipe is by far the easy recipe to make in a rush.

Click here for recipe.

Bonus Breakfast

Whole Grain Breakfast Porridge

Courtesy: Food Network

Never forget to start your day off right and treat yourself to some whole grain porridge.

Click here for recipe.

Tara Lawson-Corley is a Florida State University graduate. She majored in Retail Merchandising & Product Development with the goal of someday working for a fitness driven retail company. Hopefully later on she will be able to own her own successful fitness boutique or at least that's the dream. Tara enjoys the occasional Netflix binge, reading numerous fashion magazines, and finding new and exciting ways to workout.
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