Winning Entry of HC Framingham's Creative Writing Contest!

This poem was written by the first place winner of Her Campus Framingham's fall creative writing contest, Jenna Topping. 


We’re BAREly surviving ANOTHER FALL semester, but ORANGE you glad we have WARM APPLE FOODs, HALLOWEEN, and THANKSGIVING that FINALLY make the COLD worth it?!


Warm hues everywhere; 

Yellow, orange, and red.

Warm hearts filled with joy;

Pumpkin pie, lattes, and bread.


Apple picking is the craze,

And pumpkin carving too!

Apple crisp is in the making,

Scary jack-o-lanterns scream boo!


Halloween comes in October,

Ding, Dong, Trick or Treat!?

Halloween candy at every door,

Take one sour and one sweet!


Orange and black decorations,

Hung everywhere in sight.

Orange pumpkins on doorsteps,

Disappear after this one night.


Fall whips through the air,

And the leaves fall to the ground.

Fall winds create leaf piles,

Beneath our feet we hear their sound.


Thanksgiving concludes November,

The day of feasting has begun!

Thanksgiving calls for giving thanks,

And stomach aches when it’s done.


Food, family, and friends,

So much warmth and happiness.

Food covers every plate,

Over-eating is fun I confess!


Another holiday come and gone,

With full bellies and hearts.

Another season comes to town soon,

Bring out the shopping carts!


Bare trees are no longer rare,

There are many to be seen.

Bare hands are also scarce,

Winter winds are brutal and mean.


Cold, bitter air creeps in fast,

Below freezing temps arrive.

Cold weather cries for heavy coats,

Hot cocoa is needed to survive!


Finally, the first snow will fall,

And fall has had its final day.

Finally, Christmas time is here,

The best season, most will say.