Things You Might Have Missed in Sex Ed

Alright ladies, you might think you already know enough about sex ed. now that you’re in college but you may have missed a few tips that could help you live your best and healthiest life. 


Hydrogen Peroxide Takes Out Period Stains 

This trick will save all your cute underwear! 

1. Cover the stain with hydrogen peroxide 

2. Watch it have a little chemical reaction 

3. Rub the fabric together where the blood is 

4. Rinse off the hydrogen peroxide 

5. Apply a little bit of soap to the stained area and rub the fabric together again 

6. Rinse the spot and most/ all of the stain should be gone! 

7. Throw in the wash 


Pee Within 15 Minutes After Having Intercourse 

No one wants to get a UTI or chug cranberry juice when it happens. After you finish up, head over to the bathroom within 15 minutes to avoid infections. 


Typical Period Products May be Hurting You 

Most traditional period products such as tampons and pads have been bleached and chemically treated. In fact, a lot of the content in tampons do not legally have to be marked on the packaging. In order to avoid harsh substances around your lady bits, try using organic tampons and pads. Target supplies L brand 30 count tampons $7, not far off from traditional tampon companies. The link to L brand tampons is below.

I hope you’ve learned something new about feminine hygiene and can pass this info along to your friends!!