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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Framingham chapter.

In the chaos of the world today, there seems like there is an overwhelming amount to be angry about or afraid of. One of life’s simplest pleasures, however, is always just above our heads. Every single day, the sky paints different, awe-inspiring paintings for all to see. In times of distress or confusion, I can look to the sky for some sort of respite. I often find myself getting caught up in the trivial problems I face day to day, overanalyzing pretty much everything. The sky reminds me that there is far more to the world than just me, and this humbles me. When I’ve been spending too much time in my head, it helps to open up my mind to the expansive world around me. There is so much craziness in the world, yet our planet offers us a retreat to simplicity through nature.

The sky is for everyone, no matter who you are or where you are from. Anyone can appreciate the natural beauty of the world, yet few people take the time to do this in their busy lives. We get so absorbed in our own existence, that we often lose the simple appreciation of what mother nature has to offer. I implore you to take a moment, every now and then, to glance up at the sky, when you think it is looking particularly beautiful. Simply break from your hectic schedule to relax and regroup. Whether it is a stunning sunset, or cool storm clouds, or a clear, blue sky, there is always a scenic view to admire.

There is also a sense of reliability that comes with the sky. It is always there, and it will always be there. Very few things in life are truly consistent, and our lives are constantly changing and evolving. One of the few consistencies in life is that the sun will always rise and set. You can always count on the fact that there will be a sky above you, a ground below you, and air in between to keep you breathing. This concept brings me some sense of comfort. Nature is one of the few aspects of life that we can appreciate any time, in any way, and at no cost. We need to do anything in our power to protect the world we live in, because, by destroying the planet at the rate we have been with our ignorance and avoidance, we are truly taking advantage of the beauty around us. Motivation to preserve the environment begins with an initial appreciation of what it looks like to live in the world we want to live. To start: merely tilt your gaze to the sky. You’ll never regret appreciating a good sunset.


Amy Westlund

Framingham '21

Treasurer of Her Campus Framingham, Fashion design major ?