The Struggles With 8:30 A.M. Classes

We’ve all had to drag ourselves out of our beds to go to that dreaded 8:30am class at some point in our college life. Maybe because you thought you were going to become a morning person before the semester started or it was the only option left when registering. But realistically, very few people are excited for getting up a little after the sun does and we’ve all suffered from the aftermath of signing up for a class at 8:30 in the morning. Here are the thoughts that almost all of us have had. 

Well, I have an 8:30 class tomorrow morning. But am I actually going to go to bed before midnight? Probably not.

The absolute worst is when you had to stay up the night before to work on an essay for class or to watch Late Night with Seth Meyers (mostly to watch Seth Meyers because priorities. Just me? Doubt it but okay).  But really not getting enough sleep can make you feel like you might cry on your way to class.

If I wake up right on time and I’m not in that much of a rush, I’ll just rest my eyes for a couple more minutes to treat myself. Aaaannnnndd I’m late for class. WHY did I do that? That was a big mistake I’m never doing that again. (Honestly, I will make this same mistake next time I have to wake up before 8:30).

But my bed is soooo comfy. My bed is always more comfortable when I don’t want to leave it. It won’t matter if I miss a few minutes of class, right? Or maybe even the whole class just this once? No I should go to class but my bed is practically begging me to stay put. Ugh, I’ll miss my bed too much while I’m sitting in class. Wait, do you think they’ll let me bring my bed to class?

Now that I’m actually out of my bed, should I even bother putting on makeup or doing my hair? The answer is more often than not: No. Brushing my hair is enough work this morning.

Sweatpants are your best friends for these mornings you’re up too early for humans to be awake. If I want to look all fancy I’ll throw on a dress to give everyone the cute false illusion that I have my life together. Still just putting on sweatpants though.

No matter what I wear I am still exhausted and trying so hard not to fall asleep in class, even if it’s a good class. I’m barely awake and most likely didn’t have time to eat so my thoughts are basically just this:

“Coffee coffee coffee coffee coffee coffee coffee coffee. I. Need. Coffee. Now. Someone take me to the closest Dunkin ASAP! And a bagel wouldn’t hurt, too.”

Even though we all have issues with our 8:30 classes, it is a part of the college experience! Live long and sleep on!