The Seasons Change and So Do I

This poem was written by the second place winner of Her Campus Framingham's fall creative writing contest, Kayla Rivera. 


The Seasons Change and So Do I

A blazing sky of cobalt blue 

Greets me with the light of dawn 

I take a breath of frosty air 

And ignite a fire in my cold soul 


The dying leaves of autumn 

Burn brightly before they fall 

The beautiful hues of golden change 

Inspire my strength and my resolve 


The endless autumn forests 

Dance wildly in the breeze 

I throw my words into sky 

The mountains echo my scream 


The changing of the seasons 

The passage of the time 

Finally mean something to me 

The life I live is mine 


To leap into the amber waves 

Without a care at all 

My journey begins anew today 

There’s beauty in the fall.