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Opening of Dunkin Donuts at Framingham State

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Framingham chapter.

Recently at Framingham State University, the grand opening of Dunkin Donuts took place. As an insider point of view, I enjoy working there. The staff are very friendly and extremely helpful when it comes to training us. The customers were also very understanding when we first opened, and as a worker, I really appreciate the patience and understanding of them. It was a slow start, but now everything is up and running and here’s what some fellow students have to say about the opening of Dunkin.

“I’ve been a couple of times and it was nice. It was busy both times, but they went through the orders pretty quick and the service was good. And my coffee was made well so I was pleased.”  -Emily E.

“I really like the new Dunkin. While the lines can get long during peak time, the food and drinks are very good and are made quickly. I also appreciate how the workers mark the cups with the exact orders, that way they know the beverages are being made right to order. I’m also more of a Dunkin fan than Starbucks so I’m glad we have a Dunkin on campus finally!”  -Kathleen

“I’ve been to Dunkin twice and I had great service both times. The service was fast, especially considering the lines. I’m overall satisfied with my experience.”  -Bridget

“I really like that there’s access to a Dunkin Donuts on campus because it’s nice to be able to run over and get something quickly before or after class. I think that they should accept gift cards though and be open on the weekends.”  -Jillian

“I get Dunkin a lot, the new one on campus is not the best. I’ve gone three times and two out of the three they’ve messed up my drink but the third time was good. I think it was just because they were all still learning. But I am so excited to have one on campus!”  -Emma

“Whenever I go to Dunkin here on campus it’s always a good experience. The staff is always very friendly and they really try their hardest to move as quick as they can when it’s packed. They totally understand the need for coffee during midterms.”  -Meghan

“”I’ve only been a few times, but they’ve been amazing there. The employees are so nice and they get the orders done so efficiently! Like I’m done within 2 minutes at the most, so I don’t have to rush getting to classes!”  -Emily D.

“It’s really convenient for me to stop by after my work study and grab a breakfast sandwich. I always get a bacon, egg, and cheese on an english muffin. I don’t drink coffee but I love the apple cider!! I get it with caramel and it literally tastes like a caramel apple. I just wish they didn’t run out so quickly because they barely ever have it, but overall I’m really glad they replaced the Starbucks with Dunks because I never went to Starbucks but I’ve already gone to Dunkin so many times. The line can be long but they’re pretty efficient so you don’t really have to wait too long.”  -Amy

“I am surprisingly happy with the way the new Dunkin’ Donuts is running. When I heard they were putting one in I expected it to be nowhere as nice as the ones outside of a college are. But I was proven wrong, not only do they mix the coffee right they have breakfast sandwiches and donuts! I go there almost every day now.”  -Brittany

“The service is fast and efficient I just wish that they put our names on the cups because I once grabbed someone else’s caramel swirl iced coffee without sugar, but I politely asked an employee to put sugar in it after I tasted it and they did so I’m happy about that.”  -Savana

Overall, it seems the new Dunkin’ Donuts on campus is doing very well; great service, drinks made right, and very efficient, just to name a few. If only they could accept gift cards and were open on the weekends!

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Destiny O'Connell

Framingham '22

Destiny is a Psychology major at Framingham State University. She is the secretary of Her Campus.