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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Framingham chapter.

What if I fail?  What if I screw up?  Most importantly, what if I am not good enough for this?! 

Have you ever felt like this?  That you really want something, but have doubts about yourself and your abilities?  When times like this happen, remember that life is all about taking chances. 

I was in the same boat.  I was so excited when this opportunity came up.  The only thing that was preventing me to do this was self doubt. But that didn’t stop me there.  You know why?  You guessed it: because life is all about taking chances! 

I was browsing the Career Services website, Handshake,  for an internship.  Everything was boring, when something caught my eye.  It was a CASE Advancement Internship. 

CASE Advancement Internship seeks for rising seniors or juniors for interning on college campuses. There are multiple roles that you can get exposed to if you intern there, like helping with Alumni Relations, Communications, and Funding.  Stewardship is also one of the choices. The only catch is that we are given only two weeks to do this! On top of that, the application process is also very long.  It required recommendations, a cover letter, and resume.  On top of that, essays!  Just thinking about this gave me a headache. I didn’t know what to do!  

It was my dream, and still is, to work in a college.  I have always wanted to get my masters in the higher education, and this is my holy grail if I can get this!  But on second thought, should I really try to apply, and face the possibility of rejection?  What if this was all for nothing?  What if… 

One of my biggest strengths is being a go getter.  No matter the possibility, no matter the odds, if I really like something, I go for it.  Who knows, you might learn something new along the way!  Isn’t that what life is all about?  Taking chances? 

So I went ahead and ignored those little voices in my head telling me how applying will be a complete waste of my time. I started preparing and asking professors for recommendations. 

I didn’t expect anything to come from this.  All I can do is do my best.  My scores aren’t that great, my GPA not that high.  How am I supposed to compare to the outside world that is so competitive these days?  I just took a chance, even though it is very likely that I will not get chosen. 

Time came when we had to submit the application.  I was nervous.  What college would choose me?  I mean, I have great recommendations, yeah.  I am also very passionate about the higher education, that is true.  But my grades and test scores…. 

One week went by, then another.  Nothing.  I decided to move on with my life and forget about this.  My head was right.  I never got selected.  But anyways, at least I tried.  That is all you can do, try, right? 

So you can imagine my surprise when I was checking my student email one day and saw that the University of Richmond reached out to me and asked to interview me.  And they were not the only one.  Boston College did too!  I was over the moon!  Life is really about taking chances; you’ll never know until you try. 



Anni Xie

Framingham '21

My name is Anni Xie and I am a Management Major and an English Minor. I study in Framingham State University, and one of my biggest dreams is to write and publish a book.