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Disney released their plans for Epcot. And guys, I’m not ok.

At the end of August, Disney had their annual D23 Expo. This is where they release all the changes coming to all the Disney parks around the world. Guys, when I tell you my jaw dropped when I read the changes coming to Epcot, I’m not joking. Out of all the changes Disney is making, Epcot is getting the BIGGEST revamp in Disney history. Now what are these changes you may ask. Well, I’m about to tell you!

Let’s start with the World Showcase. As all of you may know, this is a Disney Park classic! Don’t worry, there aren’t too many major changes happening to this part of Epcot.


That’s right! They’re making a replica of Cherry Tree Lane from the classic Disney movie, Mary Poppins! Disney is transforming the United Kingdom Pavilion into Cherry Tree Lane! Rumors are even going around that there will be a streetlamp lighting performance to the song “Trip a Little Light Fantastic”! But don’t hold my word to it! But wait, it gets better! Disney is also making a Mary Poppins themed attraction! The attraction will enter through the doors of 17 Cherry Tree Lane! That’s right! Not only will you get to walk through Cherry Tree Lane, you will also be able to walk right into the Banks’ house!


HarmonioUS will be the largest nighttime spectacular in all of Disney history! This show will show how Disney music inspires people from all over! The nighttime show will include floating set pieces, choreographed moving fountains, custom LED panels, lasers, pyrotechnics, and more!

picture credit: https://disney.fandom.com/wiki/Harmonious

Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure

Let’s move onto the France pavilion. Disney is adding a new attraction called Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure! In this attraction you will see the world through a rat’s point of view! More specifically Remy’s! Remember the restaurant Remy ended up in? Gusteau’s? Experience your own wild adventure there!

picture credit: https://disney.fandom.com/wiki/Remy%27s_Ratatouille_Adventure

La Crêperie de Paris

Let’s move onto food! La Crêperie de Paris will be a new restaurant in the France pavilion! This restaurant will feature a menu from celebrity chef, Jérôme Bocuse. This restaurant will be both table and quick service!


Beauty and the Beast Sing-Along

Also coming to the France pavilion is the Beauty and the Beast sing-along! There isn’t much information about this attraction yet! It is unclear whether the music will be from the live-action movie or the animated! But either way, this attraction will be great!

Canada Far and Wide in Circle-Vision 360

A new feature coming to the Canada pavilion is Canada Far and Wide in Circle-Vision 360! This is a new film, with new scenes, and a new story! Again, there is still not much released about this attraction! But like any Disney film, it will be amazing!

Wondrous China

Wondrous China will be a new attraction in the China pavilion! This attraction will take guests on a journey through China, in 360-degree digital format! Like most new Epcot changes, there is not a lot released on this attraction! 

Ok, let’s get onto the biggest changes happening in Epcot! The front half of Epcot is completely changing. Instead of one big park, Disney is dividing Epcot into four different worlds. Each world with have new and different experiences for guests! Let’s get into what these worlds will be!

World Celebration

The purpose of World Celebration is to connect guests to not only our world, but the world around us. 


Spaceship Earth will be one of the attractions included in World Celebration. Not much will be changing about Spaceship Earth, but there will be some noticeable changes. The changes that are happening is that the attraction will have new narration and a new musical score. 


World Celebration will also feature a brand-new pavilion. This pavilion will be Epcot’s home base for all its festivals. This pavilion will provide an elevated view of the park. This will be perfect for HarmonioUS, the new nighttime spectacular! This pavilion will be a three-level structure, which will include a plaza level, an expo level, and a sky level which will feature a park. 

Dreamers Point

This will be a new area featured in World Celebration! This area will feature new landscaping, water elements, and are you ready for this? A NEW statue of Walt Disney! This statue will celebrate Walt Disney always looking into the future! 

World Nature

World Nature was created to understand and preserve the beauty and balance of the natural world. World Nature will also include The Seas with Nemo and Friends Pavilion. So, don’t worry! Nemo will not be going away!

Journey of Water, Inspired by “Moana”

Journey of Water is the first ever attraction inspired by Moana! This attraction will let guests interact with “magic” water, just like the water in Moana!

Awesome Planet

This will be a new film in The Land pavilion! This film will show the beauty, diversity, and story of the planet!

World Discovery

This new world will be dedicated to science, technology, and intergalactic adventure! 

Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind

This new attraction will invite guests to learn about the different treasures Xander has to share. This attraction will also include a coaster that rotates 360-degrees! This will make this attraction the first one to include a reverse launch is Disney!

Space 220

Space 220 is a new restaurant coming to Epcot! This restaurant will feature views of Earth, at night and day, from 220 miles up! This restaurant will give you a real time perspective! This attraction will open this winter!


Play! Pavilion

Play! Pavilion will be an interactive city, full of games, activities, and different experiences! Some of the experiences you can have vary from helping Edna Mode, to competing in a water balloon fight with Huey, Dewey, Louie, and Webby! This will open just in time for the 50th anniversary of Walt Disney World!

After reading about these new changes, I could not be more excited for my next Disney trip! These renovations should be completely finished by 2020/2021! 

pictures via: https://disneyparks.disney.go.com/blog/2019/08/new-details-revealed-for-…

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