8 Signs You’re in a Happy, Healthy Relationship

1. You can openly communicate.

Communication is the most important part of any successful relationship. Two people must be able to freely express their opinions, fears, and criticisms without feeling judged, pressured, or ignored. If you can’t tell your significant other about something that’s bothering you, the problem can never be resolved. Open, honest communication is so crucial in furthering a relationship and knowing you can talk about anything with your partner is such a relief. From silly little conversations to the real deep stuff, a healthy relationship starts with communication.


2. You think about them when you’re not with them.

If your significant other is constantly on your mind, it’s safe to say you’re super happy in your relationship. It’s one thing to enjoy each other’s company, but to miss someone when you aren’t with them is way more telling. If you go through your day having random little thoughts about how much you love your partner, clearly your feelings are genuine. Or if you keep reminiscing on happy memories in your free time, then that person truly has the power to make you a happier individual even when you aren’t physically with them.


3. They make you want to be a better person.

A great part of being in a relationship is that you get the opportunity to change another person’s life for the better. You should both always be willing to put in the effort to make your relationship as strong as it can be. If your loved one inspires you to get your homework done before the last minute, or go to the gym even though you don’t like working out, or be a better, more thoughtful friend, you two are on your way to forging a deep connection. Wanting to improve as a person for the sake of your partner is a great start to feeling more secure in confident with who you are. Make your relationship a partnership where you both try to encourage each other to be the best you can be. A good relationship is 60/40, with each person trying to be the 60 (S/o to my boyfriend Sean for that motto).


4. Any activity is more fun with them.

Alone time is great--and necessary, but if your significant other is one of the only people you can do anything with without getting sick of them, then you’ve got a good thing going. Spending time together shouldn’t be a chore. Hopefully, you thoroughly enjoy all the time you spend with your partner, whether you’re out and about or just lounging around. If even the simplest of activities seem more fun together, you’re happy together.


5. They’re the first person you want to talk to when you wake up, and the last person you want to talk to before you fall asleep.

Having a connection with someone means getting to talk to them all throughout the day. If you and your partner don’t get to see each other all the time, you probably mostly rely on talking through text, calls, or FaceTime. If they’re the first person you want to tell anything to, the good and the bad parts of your day, then they’re obviously a very important person in your life. It is nice to have someone that can gossip with you, be your support system, and help you get through your week.


6. You wholeheartedly trust them.

Trust is an important value to have in a relationship. When you’re in a toxic relationship with someone, it can be difficult to trust them and this can lead to jealousy or anxiety. An open, honest relationship is built on trust, and that trust can only be established if both people are clear about their intentions and honest about their feelings. For example, if your significant other has friends of the opposite gender and you trust them fully, there shouldn’t be any feelings of jealousy or doubt. Your person is all about you and they want you to know that, so they’ll make sure you know it all the time.


7. They help you through things in a way others can’t.

Sometimes, your significant other just understands you in a way even your close friends or family don’t. They know what you need and what it takes for you to be happy. If you’re feeling stressed out, upset, or annoyed, and your partner is capable of calming you down, you really have a true bond. It is so satisfying to be with someone that fits perfectly into your life and has the tools to improve your mental state. Hopefully, this goes both ways and you both make an effort to learn what the other person needs and help them through hardship or stress.


8. You are your truest self around them.

A good partner brings the best traits out of you. It is such a nice feeling to be completely comfortable with who you are when you are with your significant other. The two of you should create an environment where you can freely express yourself and be 100% yourself. Flaws, quirks, and all, you should be with someone that makes you feel secure and confident. Never let your partner bring you down or make you feel bad about anything you can’t control about yourself. Find someone that appreciates all the little things about you that make you who you are.