25th Putnam County Spelling Bee Stars

Looking for something to do for the upcoming weekend? Check out The Hilltop Players' production of the 25th Putnam County Spelling Bee. It is the show of the year! Here are interviews with all of the characters that you will seeing this Thursday, Friday, and Saturday in DPAC at Framingham State.

Rona Lisa Peretti

I got into real estate about six years ago I had graduated with a degree from an all-women’s university in Ohio. I just love the atmosphere here. I just thought for a high-powered go-getter woman like me real estate was where to go. Now I’m one of the top realtors of Putnam county. I was the winner of the 3rd annual Putnam bee back in the day and it is now my 9th consecutive year hosting the bee. I just love it and seeing these kids go out there doing what they love it brings joy to my heart. I can’t say who I think is going to win but I will say that I’ve got my eye on that Olive Ostrovsky. I think she could really show us something this year. 

Douglas Panch

I am the vice principal of the junior high school. I was called in this morning to be the fill in word pronouncer since the superintendent wasn’t able to be here. I’m not sure I really want to be here but I will do anything to help out my school community. This is a completely foreign concept to me I have never seen people so determined to do anything in their life. 

Chip Tolentino

Well, I’m a boy scout and I am also in little league baseball series I throw a very. very good pitch. I’m a good pitcher. I’m pretty much good at everything. I am going into this one pretty confidently since I won last year and I think all of the other contestants have already competed so I have a good chance. I would say that I am my own toughest competition, but no doubts.

Loainne (Schwartzy) Schwatzandgruenierre

I am the president of the gay straight alliance at my elementary school. I am the youngest competitor at the bee this year, this is my first try. And I have 2 gay dads. I hope I win the spelling bee. I have trained very hard with my fathers and I am very strict and stern with my training.

Leaf Coneybear

I’m homeschooled. My parents were flower children which I think means they were flower children which I think means they were originally bulbs and then they grew into people. My parents don’t think I’m very smart, neither do my siblings, but its okay. I’m just okay with you know being alive. Well my parents always have my siblings do the spelling bee when they entire 5th grade. I am 12 years old, my parents held me back a couple of years, so I am currently in 5th grade and my parents made me do the spelling bee for our district. I came in third so basically what happened was that they called me and said that the 1st place winner had to go to their bat mitzvah and the 2nd place winner had to attend that person’s bat mitzvah so I was asked to do it even though I came in third. I won’t win but I hope it’s someone who deserves it.

William Barfee

Well my name is William. I like science but I don’t like olives, I can’t keep them down. I won my county then went to the divisional county or whatever it’s called I don’t really pay attention. Preparation is for those who don’t have a magic foot so off course it is I who will win the spelling bee! 

Marcy Park

I pretty much achieve at anything that is thrown at me. I can speak 6 languages and I only sleep for 3 hours a night. I hide in my bathroom cabinet when I’m about to cry. I’m going to be the one to win the spelling bee. I made it to nationals. I made it into the top 10. None of the other kids made it to nationals, so I am going to be the one to win.

Olive Ostrovsky

I really, really like spelling so that’s why I decided to do the bee. I have this old dictionary at my house that I read all the time. I know that right now my mom is on a 9 month spiritual retreat in India so she won’t be able to make it to the bee, but I really hope that my dad will be able to make it. I don’t know if I will win I am going to try my best and I hope I do win. 

Mitch Mahoney

I am Mitch Mahoney and I didn’t do nothing wrong. When I went to school there was this spelling bee, but I couldn’t really spell that well so I didn’t watch or participate. So unfortunately I’m here now. I’m not exactly sure what my role with the bee will be but my parole officer said to show up and do what the lady said. I was told there was something like giving the kids snacks or something like giving them snacks and making them feel better. 

Good luck to everyone in the spelling bee. Check out the show this weekend to find out who wins! 

Photo Credit: Allie Card