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25th Putnam County Spelling Bee Stars

Looking for something to do for the upcoming weekend? Check out The Hilltop Players' production of the 25th Putnam County Spelling Bee. It...

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Kyle Collins

Ever wonder who that guy singing (beautifully) at the top of his lungs and stealing the stage in Hilltop is? More than likely it is Kyle...

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SJP: Spring Break Hangover

The Suit Jacket Posse is Framingham State’s Improv Group who just had their show Spring Break Hangover. The SJP crew goes to the graveyard...

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Jesse Lawlor

With an infectious smile and effortless charm, it’s hard not to like Jesse. He is an easy person to talk to and with a wide variety of...

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Finals in the Fall

Fall came a little late this year, but finally showed itself in December! Taking finals in fall weather wasn't so bad.

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ATX Skyline from the Hilltop

The amazing view of the Austin skyline on the hilltop is truly a signature part of St. Edward's campus. Grab some friends and station...