12 Motivational Mantras to Get You Through Finals

This is it: the ultimate grind.  It’s finally nice outside and the end of the semester is so so close, but you still have those papers, projects, presentations, and *wait for it* exams that you have to face before you can turn in your textbooks and call it quits for the season.  Procrastination is a tempting devil that we all fall victim to at times, but hopefully these motivational mantras can help inspire you to make it through these last few days.  {P.S. saving one as your phone background is highly recommend}

It’s true; those extra five minutes it takes to read over your English paper could save you so many points on silly grammatical errors.  Do your best, don’t live with any regrets. 

So many things seem completely impossible at first; ie, surviving finals week. When things seem so incredibly daunting and impossible to complete, it’s important to take a step back and start with just one small piece of it. Start with just a few sentences of that eleven page paper, then add a few more.  Chipping away at the large impossible things makes them surprisingly do-able, and soon enough you’ll find yourself looking back at that “impossible” you just accomplished. 

YOU ARE SO CLOSE.  A few more days, hours, and exams, and before you know it this will all be long behind you.  Don’t give up. Push though. You can do it!  

You are the only one limiting yourself: not time, not your professor, not your friends, just you.  The only thing standing between you and your goals is yourself, don’t limit yourself, go get after it girl. You can do this. 

Prove them wrong, all of them.  Haters are the best motivators, right? (Yeah, okay not the best phrase, but it does hold some truth). Prove all the people wrong who don’t think you can do it, use the negative in your life to fuel the positive. You can do it, prove them all wrong. 

Be proud of what you do; everything you turn in has your name on it.  Make sure your work reflects you and is something you are proud of.  You never know when you’ll need a recommendation from a professor or have them again for a class, you want them to remember your work as something that reflects you well. 

Just like I’ve said before, start somewhere.  A few sentences on a paper, one math review problem, often the toughest task is just beginning to study.  Once you start you’ve already won half the battle.  You can do it girl, step by step, get it done. 

Don’t give up, that’s the only way you fail.  Turning in that paper, finishing up those last problems, giving it your all is the only way you will succeed.  You might not get an A+, but you certainly will not fail.  Give it your all and keep trying, keep studying, you can do this!!

Honestly, it’s all in your head.  Teddy Roosevelt knows whats up; belief in yourself and your ability is half the battle. 

Coincidence? I do not think so.  Keep studying. 

You are tough, you are strong, you are smart, and you will make it through this week.  You are capable of whatever life (and your professors) throw at you.  


Most importantly, always remember: 

GPA doesn’t forget, GPA lives forever.

And if all else fails, just remember in two weeks you get to burn all your notes and trade in your textbooks for your swimsuit.