New Year’s Resolutions Updates

So it's three months into the new year - what have you been doing? Are you happy with how things have been going with your New Year’s resolutions? Many people stray from their resolutions that they vow to keep in January as soon as it hits February 1st.  

Whether it is going to the gym, studying harder, getting off social media, or getting to know yourself better, New Year’s resolutions, more often than not, become almost discontinued with time. 

What are some ways to break this chain? 

  • Start out with writing in a planner each week to outline which days and in what ways you can focus on your goals. Be realistic on how to achieve these means. Break down each week to make the 365 days of keeping your resolutions seem less intimidating. You want to maintain consistency throughout the entire year.
  • Don’t be afraid to talk to your friends and family about your fears in keeping up your New Year’s goals. Asking for support will hold you more accountable, ensuring success by December. Explain to the people around you why these goals are important to you and why 2019 could be a year that will stand out. 
  • Your body is a system that needs to be both physically and mentally maintained. Nourish your powerhouse and take care of yourself! Understand that regardless of the support you receive, self-motivation is the ultimate driving force toward attaining consistency.
  • Also understand that perfection doesn’t exist. You’re going to have days where you’re disappointed in yourself or days where you may take a step in the wrong direction. Use this as motivation for impressing yourself the next day! 

My personal New Year’s Resolution was to call my parents more when at school, because I want to be more honest with them about how I feel and what I’m doing in my daily life. I also hoped they would feel better engaged with me and take advantage of the opportunity to speak to me about their happy moments or fears, etc. 

I wish I specified more to myself regarding the weekly or monthly quantity that I would call, because I think I would’ve stuck to it more than I actually have so far. I used to call my mom about once or twice a semester, and my dad once, if at all, because I text way more than call. Thus far, I have called my mom each month and my dad once. So, yes, I have been more frequent in dialing the phone, but not as much as I think I should be. The following excuses pop into my head – life gets in the way, it’s easier to handle emotions if brought up through a message, and relying on the next break to speak to them in person.

Now in March, I've told myself to specify my goal and call both of my parents each week. This act will hopefully shift the current status of my relationships with my parents. College can be difficult when you don’t feel as close as you want to feel with those at home, and especially since you can’t help the physical separation. 

I hope that everyone will update their New Year’s Resolutions with specific guidelines and begin to take each moment seriously. See you in December when you’re new and improved!