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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Fordham chapter.

With the temperature finally getting warmer and warmer each day, it is officially the time of year to put your favorite playlist on and go for a hot girl walk. 

Last summer, this trend rose to popularity from the Tik Tok user @likeothergirls, and it has not died down since. You might be curious what differentiates a hot girl walk from any other walk and why it’s getting so much praise. According to the founder of this trend, here are the three simple rules to get your mind and body moving during a hot girl walk.

  1. What you’re grateful for
  2. How hot you are (obviously)
  3. Things you want to achieve 

The motivation behind these hot girl walks is not to lose weight but rather to grow in appreciation for yourself. Being hot is not about being a size x or having someone else’s physical characteristics that you crave so badly. Instead, being “hot” is defined as a powerful sense of mindfulness that recognizes how much capability you have in this greater universe. 

Most importantly, it gives your mind a much-needed break and is an easy way for your body to get exercise. Hot girl walks allow you to train your body into seeing itself and your life through a positive outlook. And to be honest, there’s nothing hotter than that. 

You do not need to be hiking up and down a mountain for this to work, you literally could do this on a treadmill or walking around campus, and it still will be equally rewarding. For the ambiance, my personal favorite spot to walk around is the Botanical Gardens (free with Fordham ID), as it exudes a much calmer atmosphere than campus. Here, I am carefree and much more observant of my surroundings, eager to see the spring transformation each day. 

Aside from allowing yourself to reflect on these prompts during a walk, there are no other rules on tackling hot girl walks. While I prefer to walk by myself to allow my mind to appreciate myself and life, my friends and I have recently started going on late hot girl walks around campus. We typically wear our pajamas and giggle away, but we appreciate each other’s company and friendship when walking together.

I promise that you will begin to feel so much better about yourself and glow with confidence over time and this routine. Thanks to the hot girl walk, it grants your body the possibility to accept how cool and hot you are. It’s all about feeling good inside and out, and it is so easy.

So, let’s put on your comfiest shoes and favorite music and go for a hot girl walk. I cannot think of a more perfect time to get hot. 

PS, if you’re looking for good playlists, Hannah Meloche has quite the selection on her Spotify

Gabriella is a junior at FCRH majoring in journalism with a minor in fashion studies. When not writing for Her Campus, she keeps busy with the Fordham Ram, MODE Magazine, Fordham Dance Marathon, and the Rose Hill Society.